19 Notes from Kids Who Might be Psychopaths | 22 Words

When you're a kid, everything that happens to you is the most important thing in the world.

So sure, these notes written by kids might seem dramatic, but to them, it's just how they're feeling.

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, I loved writing notes.

My parents always taught me that it feels good to get your feelings out on paper, and to this day I keep a journal. These kids are just like I was. They're expressing themselves through notes to let the adults in their lives know that they mean business.

Hang in there

Oof. Harsh. Leave it to a kid to be like, "You're 38 so you're going to die soon, right? Hang in there!"


When you're a kid, your to-do list may be short, but it is very important. Any kid who starts writing to-do lists this young will be a winner.

My mom is bad

Well, this is pretty straight to the point. Look, it's better to get it out on paper than anywhere else.

Don't bother

"From the saddest person in the world!!" So funny. This kid deserves an Oscar. The next one is similarly dramatic.

You lied

According to the mom who posted this photo, she went to work, and then she went to the concert. That doesn't sound like a lie to me.


Oh, it's quite dangerous for a parent to get sucked into the "favorite child" argument. This is a trap!

Write back

We don't see the whole note here, but I bet she makes some great points. I don't think asking for a larger variety of options for her nightly snack is an unreasonable request.

Let me outside

What a threat! And paired with the pink heart that's already split down the middle? Ouch!

Do not talk to

Honestly, I appreciate the warning, Tillie. The next one is so funny it's silly.

Obviously not suspicious at all

Someday this kid will learn that if you don't want to arouse suspicion, you probably shouldn't put a sign up that says, "NOT AT ALL SUSPICIOUS."


Wow, Oona and Elias are really serious about their demands. They are not joking around.

Or something

Well, this note took a turn! The craziest part about this note is that it was written on the sticky side of the Post-It.


If you can't read this one, it says, "Sorry for trying to ram you with the kayak — sorry. Sorry for threatening you. I will not do it again." That's a lot.

Hey mom

Apparently, this note was handed to this mom right after she had pulled sugar cookies out of the oven. The next one is perfect.


You can always rely on your kids to point out every lump, bump, and other insecurity you have. It's what they do best.

Don't look

This is some solid advice, and honestly, I could use a Post-It on my computer that says the exact same thing.

Never again

I wonder how long this lasted. And how many bubble baths his mom took while he was sworn to silence in his anger.

I am the government

What does this even mean?! Is this kid secretly in the CIA? Is his mom not his real mom? Is this real-life Boss Baby?

Dear god

Now, this is a good point. Share this with someone who would understand!