19 ‘Overheard’ Conversations That Will Have You Doubled Over in Laughter

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It’s not nice to eavesdrop.

But if you happen to overhear a hilarious conversation, well… that’s entirely different.

Overheard conversations are the best because you have no context at all for what’s being said.

Most of the time, you’re hearing only a portion of the conversation, which means it usually makes so sense. These 19 overheard conversations are super funny for precisely that reason.

Eat cake and be sassy

I actually think that was Marie Antoinette’s full quote: “Let them eat cake and be sassy.” She just wanted everyone to be happy.

It was amazing

Don’t you just love when you think two women are talking about sexytimes but they’re actually flipping out over a gooey, cheesy pizza?!

Overheard at Target

What a cute, supportive couple. If you’ve ever stepped foot in a Target, you know how hard it is to stay out of the clothes section.


Ugh, this is so true though. Maybe I’d get really fit f I were a zombie, though. The next one is adorably scary.


In case you were wondering if little kids are affected by Youtube culture. I present this mess!

Marry yourself

Yasss, girl, get it! This is the kind of self-love we should be promoting in young girls from the time they are young!

Dad’s gonna FREAK

This little girl knows what’s up. Quick, go home and hide this stuff all over the house.

Incredibles 2

This is amazing. You get it, mom.

Licked a toad

There is nothing you can say to make this person understand what happened. You just have to go deal with it. The next one is also absurd.

Overheard at camp

Whoa. Dramatic. Camp is the place where real friendship sh*t goes down.

The aliens

You know, they made that documentary about it. It’s called Independence Day, and it’s definitely a documentary.

Game of Thrones

Fingers crossed! Man, they really do make us wait for ages for those episodes.

Ice Juice

I think “Ice juice” is the most upsetting phrase I’ve ever heard in my entire life. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Jedi training

Jedi training at Disney World is serious business. The next one is hilarious because it’s between two little kids.

Bring it down

The fact that a seven-year-old is saying this to a five-year-old just makes it all the more hilarious.

Peanut Butter and Genocide

Wow, this person must have been in two very different moods while naming their dogs. Or maybe the dogs have very different dispositions.

Little league

Little league games can be so intense, and if you’ve never lived through one, you haven’t known stress. Sincerely, Someone who grew up in a baseball/softball family.

Tater tots

If I heard this out in public, I don’t know if I would be able to resist contributing a hearty, “Hear! Hear!” Hashbrowns are better than tater tots. Full stop.

Legalized weed

Dude, I do not blame them one bit. The next one is a doozy.

Pennywise will come

What a totally terrifying and unfair threat! It is way too scary for a toddler to handle. I could barely watch it!

“Get out of me”

Wow. What a moment of intense drama between a man and his bowel movement. The things you hear at the Olive Garden.

An accident

This is incredible. I hope Peggy understood the gravity of the situation.

Long sermon

I mean, this is how most things work. Seems like this little girl is getting the hang of this thing we call life.

A pet

Look, no matter how much you reason with animals, sometimes they just won’t listen. It’s a useless thing to try to do.


What is boring about flying a plane?! Who are these people?! What are the lives they lead?! I must know more.

Spring water

Hm, see I think both of them are wrong, here. Spring water is water….from a spring.


I think that’s a fine goal to have! Bumblebees are cute. They just go around drinking up sweet pollen from flowers and not bothering anybody.

The Rapture

I love the idea that super religious people think that one day, a giant dinosaur is going to descend upon the Earth and destroy everything.

Craft soda

Why wouldn’t you buy a bottle of soda because it has a werewolf on it?! I think that’s the best reason to buy a bottle of soda.

Greg or Gregory

Well, I hope it was Steve’s first day. It would be really embarrassing if he was working there for like, several months.

HGTV Meth Edition

Was this person just joking or did they really think this was a show? But also, I wouldn’t put it past HGTV to make this show.

Charles Manson

This is a good question. My grandpa’s name was Charles Mason, and you better believe there were a few unfortunate mix-ups.

Not very Italian

A couple things: Sangria is Spanish. And I don’t necessarily go to the Olive Garden for authentic Italian food.

When you poop

What a great strategy for passing the time! It’s much more creative than just playing games on your phone.


This is very true! And those are some mighty fine hot dogs.


This is such a gen Z sentence. I can hardly stand it. What a reason to want to visit London.

Watch waves

Has anyone with a smartwatch ever thought of this?! In ten years, we’re all going to wonder why we ever thought smartphones were a good idea.

Favorite kid

A little word of advice… If you have to say you’re the favorite kid, you probably aren’t.

New doctor

This is the exact conversation anyone has with people when they find out someone from their high school has become a doctor.


I have several questions: Where is this office? How can I meet Ignacio? Can I have him?

Pick up disaster

Oh no! What a turd. This guy should be kicked out of the club.

Good ground beef

What she said! Shout your love of good ground beef from the rooftops! You deserve good ground beef!

Change the lettuce

I never realized that people have such strong feelings about the Olive Garden! What’s so special about the lettuce they use, anyway?

Illegal things

Um, were these people rehearsing for a movie. Because if they weren’t, I feel like this person is obligated to call the police?

New York

Oh man, this is just real and all it did was make me miss New York so much. It’s so true. It’s a no BS city.

Belly button

I don’t understand this logic. I have a feeling this drunk girl was very, very drunk.

Leg abs!

If there is one lesson we can take away from this overheard conversation, it is this: Do. Not. Skip. Leg. Day.

In the Ukraine

Is this true?! What medical conditions warrant this prescription?

An adult

If you’ve ever struggled with what to bring to a housewarming party, you relate to this. Share this with someone who always eavesdrops on conversations!