100 Hilarious Photos That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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We all need to feel good about the world we live in once and a while. And when current events get you down, forgetting that — or feeling pretty bad about the world — is easy. Sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder that the world is full of wonderful people. So consider this your reminder!

Good people from every walk of life are doing selfless things every day. From awesome parents to thoughtful kids, hilarious (yet wholesome) memes to stories that will steal your heart, here are some true acts of humanity. I guarantee you’ll be smiling by the end of it — but likely much sooner! These photos are the pick-me-up you need on a below-average day.

Just because you’ve been drinking, doesn’t mean you’re not still full of love!

Or maybe she’s just a really photogenic kiddo. Either way, this is super cute!

Pulling your kid over so you can have a laugh? Now that is a particularly good (and diabolical) prank!

I’m not crying, you’re crying. Just look at that happy little girl’s face!

I can hardly tell which one is which! They’ve both got expressions of puppy-like adoration on their faces!

Wow. When David Harbour accepts a role, he commits. Also, how special is it that he actually went to spend the day taking adorable pics with this fan?

Not to be dramatic, but I would die for this dog. Following for three blocks just to see that fluffy face seems like a pretty reasonable mistake.

This is truly the opposite of toxic masculinity: bros showing up for each other without worrying about appearances.

We should all be so lucky to receive a sweet message like this during the day! That’s the power of a mother’s love.

After millennia of wondering about the secret to world peace, it might just be Minecraft all along

Losing your phone is one of the most STRESSFUL things. It’s good fortune that these guys found it!

Good thing the little guy got off with assistance and a verbal warning. Imagine being ticketed as a turtle!

I feel you there, Victor. But it looks like you’ll be taken care of and A-okay!

I can say this for sure: having twitter posts as wall art will definitely make for a conversation piece!

That gracious woman didn’t have to go out of her way — but her humanity here is inspiring.

Keanu Reeves, everyone: teaching us to value ourselves, take care of and appreciate ourselves. Bravo!

Prison?! That looks like paradise, TBH!

You know, I’m pretty sure the correct answer was “Thank you,” but his heart is in the right place!

Ah, the struggle. I hope they got those mirrors sold in the end!

Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins is my new hero. All of 103 and she’s still grabbing life by the horns!

Aww! Even monsters fall under that golden “treat others the way you wish to be treated” rule.

But this one seems really sweet! He even made an effort to introduce himself in a language he hasn’t yet mastered.

I wish I had a neighborhood library like that! Someone who takes the time to make one really, genuinely cares.

Ha! Tell your kids you love them in the language of their generation: an adorable meme.

How many people can say they spend the time they have off from work just saying hi and wishing strangers a good day? That’s so wholesome!

Just a friendly Texan spreading messages of love and peace to people who most deserve to hear them!

Harry Potter brings a different kind of magic to this world. You might not be able to cast wingardium leviosa yourself, but the magic is still there.

Woah. 73 years after such horror, these brave survivors finally meet!

Sometimes we don’t see it, but people on this Earth do care — and it’s totally inspiring to see!

That’s clever, too. Oh, we can’t fly this flag? Fine, then we’ll turn the whole building into a flag. The best part is, it would’ve been way more subtle if they’d just been allowed to fly the flag in the first place! But celebrating loud and proud is good too.

Look at all that unconditional love! And I’m sure his dog appreciates all the walks she still gets.

This is awesome: letting men be dads in the same way we already let women be mothers. What, are dads not supposed to know basic childcare? Because I’m pretty sure the good ones do.

You can tell by that story just how devoted this granddad is!

If you’re gonna be aggressive, then please be aggressively wholesome. Because this? This is adorable.

Turns out, the inventor of the Super Soaker water gun is a super nice guy!

Using your privilege to help others is an awesome thing to do. People like Sir Patrick can really make a difference!

Sometimes — especially in public — it can seem like a big world full of people who don’t really care for those they don’t know. But other people look and really do see others, and it’s lovely!

Sometimes you don’t really think about the things that happen around you: the people who deliver your mail, clean your streets, keep everything running smoothly. This is so nice!

At the skatepark people do really impressive stuff, then try and fail and keep trying new skills. It’s a big deal for kids to see people do that without being directed by a teacher or coach or whomever.passingglans

Because bros don’t let other bros drive with hazards hanging off their cars!

That’s a braille menu. Those of us who don’t face the same challenges don’t really think about it, but finally, we’re beginning to!

Look at those puppy-ponchos!  I’m sure the pups are glad to have them.

This is the second time I’ve seen this on this sub, and it’s a different bar. Fantastic to see this initiative is working, such a good idea.Beanzie02

Good Manager, thank you. I hope even after the recent events, the manager continues to be as accommodating. Remember ppl, respect others, and understand you might not agree with them. But you can still be accommodating.ProfessionalClick0

When a Philippine fishing boat was rammed by a Chinese vessel in open waters, Vietnamese came to save them. They couldn’t understand them, but these three words saved them.aaadmin

This is so sad and so sweet at the same time. I just want to hug him, and I’m glad MorboKat offered support.zugzwang_03

Instead of stopping at justice for himself, he’s now bringing it to others in need of help!

And I bet the kids who use it really love that cozy little corner. It’s gorgeous!

So many people who could benefit from therapy can’t afford it. At least this person got the help they needed!

Not when they come with reviews as wholesome as this. Here’s to getting photos of yourself to be excited about!

WOW. That is an impressive head of hair, and it all went to good use!

The real question is, what kind of monster wouldn’t keep this sweet kitty safe from the rain?!

And it happens more than you’d think! My 15 y.o. daughter flew recently. She was seated across the aisle from me beside a stranger who looked like she was the same age as my daughter. They were both obviously scared about the takeoff. I looked over when we started to take off and they were holding hands. I thought it was really sweet.fierdracas

They’re like 69 cents each, the milk was one dollar at most, and all of my managers are very caring. It’s kind of an “it’s the thought that counts” type of thing. A simple act that cost the company less than $3 but still made my night.0haltja16

So beautiful. Whoever this was, they were the heroes that we needed but didn’t deserve.SchadenfreudeEmi

The usual stereotype is siblings that fight all the time, and this is such a sweet contrast to that!

And it was an alpaca all along. Look at the joy on that dad’s face!

All he needs is a finger to hold. It’s so pure!

I know a ton of teachers like me. My counterpart (other person who teaches science in my grade) is also doing it. But, I was buying a lot of other things for them too, like colored pencils, markers, sharpeners, book bins, et cetera. Most teachers I know spend a lot of their own money on their kids.BrinaBri

That is both super cute and SUPER impressive. You go, kiddo!

When all you need is the image of your significant other’s name on a screen to smile at their presence. How lovely!

This little sister is playing Secret Santa every day of the year!

I work with the guy on the left. He’s a great dude and genuinely gives a crap about the people around him.anvilparachute

First, this is so cute. Second, can you imagine that deer going back to its family? Hey, guys, you’ve gotta try this crazy food. Big things on two legs are giving it away!

I love this: a newly-formed family, celebrating for the whole world to see!

There are some truly amazing paramedics out there, and what these guys did was so considerate!

This guy’s early love of pokemon translated into so much love. This is the best kind of graduation photo!

These guys are the kind of ‘bro gamers’ who make that term a less frightening thing. May their kindness spread!

He even packs his shurikens in paper, in order to keep children safe from being cut. How lovely <3zipoz89

I would never get tired of watching shell bois being helped.Gweeda

I mean, we’re all pretty tired of the standard alphabet song at this point, right? She should mix it up!

And so are free snacks! That’s a surefire way to make someone’s day.

Everybody wants to fall in love…and everyone loves pancakes. The logic is there!

…And this little girl knows it! That note must have made this vet’s day.

And you don’t need to know the person to be excited for them, clearly!