This Guy Takes Hilarious Pictures of His Bull Terrier, Jimmy | 22 Words

When life gives you lemons (and a cute pup named Jimmy), make lemonade (with pics of your cute pup Jimmy).

Brazilian illustrator Rafael Mantesso went through a divorce a few years ago, leaving him with a virtually empty house, blank white walls, and his bull terrier, Jimmy. Mantesso started taking funny, adorable pics of Jimmy against those blank walls and drawing details beside him, thus kickstarting a new beginning.

Now, with over 600,000 Instagram followers, Rafael and Jimmy are total stars.

Together forever

Here are Rafael and Jimmy, sitting together, contemplating all the nuances of their lives. Jimmy's life is pretty simple.


Look at that luxurious pink mane. Jimmy was built for the unicorn life.

I came in like a...

Wrecking ball! If the Miley Cyrus song doesn't start playing in your head the second you see this pic, I don't know what's wrong with you.

Ideal man

Jimmy is as fine a specimen as there ever was. There's something simply...Virtruvian...about the way Jimmy was built.

Spaghetti head

Jimmy looks better with a head full of pasta than I do on my best day. What a good boy for not immediately scarfing it all down. The next one is hilarious because it gives Jimmy human legs.

Having a seat

This brings up the age-old debate about how dogs would wear pants if they actually wore pants. Would they just go up around the hind legs to cover the butt, or would they cover all four legs?

The Birth of Venus

Jimmy honestly fits seamlessly into classic works of art. I'd look at a whole series of these. Very curious about what Jimmy's version of the Mona Lisa would look like.

Fancy dog

The real mystery is how is this guy wearing a white shirt sleeve but not the actual shirt? Can't say I'd love if my date showed up with that bear-chested look.

Stop and smell

With a snout like Jimmy's, I bet he stops to smell the flowers...and the grass...and other dog's butts, all the time!

Rhino pup

Rafael drew this picture to honor the last white male rhino that died in Sudan. Jimmy paid a perfect tribute to this majestic animal. The next one is quite lovely.

Sitting on the dock

Wow! This simple picture puts a whole lovely scene in my mind. A gorgeous sunset, a peaceful lake, a moment of reflection.

Spa day

Look, Jimmy works really hard staying in model shape for all his Instagram followers, so he deserves a relaxing spa day.


I knew Jimmy was a talented pup, but this is next level. It's like his hands come out of nowhere!

Punk rock

It was World Rock 'n' Roll Day, so Jimmy let his true colors show. He's a punk rock pup, through and through.

Say cheese

Actually, don't say cheese. If you say cheese, Jimmy flips out and gets really excited because he thinks you're going to give him cheese. The next one brings some of your favorite classic characters to life next to Jimmy.

Snoopy, Jimmy, and Charlie Brown

Snoopy and Jimmy look like they could be brothers. I know Snoopy is a technically a Beagle, but he looks more like a bull terrier if you ask me.

Stop the fireworks

Aw, poor pup. Whether it's the 4th of July or New Year's Eve, think of the puppies before you set off those loud fireworks and firecrackers.

Scorpion pup

Rafael did a whole series of Zodiac sign pics featuring Jimmy, and here he is a (somewhat, sort of, not really) vicious scorpion!

E.T. phone home!

Look at how happy Jimmy looks soaring through the air in the basket of a bicycle! If only this was real life.

Speaking of bicycles...

If would be really hard for dogs to actually ride bikes, but Jimmy's killing it! The next one is too funny.


First of all, Jimmy's pose is iconic. So proud of himself. And perfect for the conductor pose he's been put in.

Lady and the Jimmy

How cute is this? I can't get over the smile on Jimmy's face. It's like he knows he's recreating an iconic Disney scene.


This might be my favorite pic on the list. I love a good cartoon butt. Who doesn't?

Googly eyes

I am so here for those upside-down chin faces, and it works like a charm with Jimmy and these googly eyes!

International Women's Day

It's really not fair how good Jimmy looks in a wig. The next one is straight out of a classic comic.

Calvin and Hobbes and Jimmy

Jimmy's sticking his tongue out and making a funny face right along with Calvin and Hobbes!

Weiner pup

It's understandable to mistake a dachshund for a hot dog the first time you meet one. I'm sure they quickly became the best of friends.

Jimmy meets Jimmy

Here, Jimmy comes face to face with the cartoon version of himself. I wonder what sort of existential crisis this triggered.

Lion dog

This is also from the Zodiac series. As a Leo, Jimmy looks fierce.

Selfie time

Jimmy finally turns the camera on himself and captures his best angle! Share with someone who could use a smile!