How are you feeling right now?

Maybe a little overwhelmed? Stressed out? Ready for a nap? I hear ya and I'm right there with you.

And while I can't pause your life so that you can take a nap, I think I can make you feel a little less stressed out. I've gathered up a bunch of very funny, and wholesome tweets for you to smile at. These will make anyone want to take a quick break from work, or whatever task is currently at hand, and enjoy a hearty smile.

If your day has been great so far, I hope it continues to be! And if it's been kind of challenging, well, I hope this small corner of the Internet makes it even just a little bit happier for a few minutes.

This painting.

It is pretty much impossible for me to look at this painting and not smile. I can totally see how a kid would enjoy it, too!

Pinky promise.

So much about this is just so wholesome and lovely. The life jacket. The pinky promise. The gentle ribbing from friends.

Role models.

That little lizard is going to be the very best – like no one ever was! Is it just me or is he already evolving?

Worth the price of Wi-Fi.

Everyone should have a burger pillow that they bring on flights. And, naturally, every burger pillow should be fastened securely into its seat.

Dream come true.

from memes
Do you think that's a burrito-sized human or a human-sized burrito? I'm hoping it's the latter.

I like Mike.

First of all, this dad seems like a guy I would love to be friends with (even though I am not a dog). Secondly, Mike is such a great name for a dog, right?

My friend Neil.

Not many people in the world can refer to Neil Gaiman as their personal friend. But that's because they haven't asked to be his friend yet.

Spooking the wife.

I hope I have this same level of humor for my entire life. Maybe I'll print this picture out for inspiration.

Did you know?

Teaching people cool facts is way better than getting them kicked, anyway! This is a prank I can get behind.

Taking a nap.

It doesn't matter how much you love your job. Sometimes, you just need a nap.

A toast!

Can we all start doing this for New Year's Eve? Toast is so good! And there are so many different ways to enjoy it! In conclusion, all toasts should include actual toast.

We all need this.

I didn't know that I needed to see this picture today, but now that I've seen it, I don't know how I lived without it until this point in my life.

Five dollar footlong.

Welcome home, Bentley! You are way better than any sandwich on the planet.

Library cat.

This cat has better job security than anyone I know! I hope it enjoys a long and happy career.

It's Clippy!

You might think that Clippy is super annoying. Maybe that's just because you never saw him in real life, though.

Commute buddies.

This honestly made me get a little teary-eyed. It's so nice to be noticed and missed — even by a total stranger.

Oh my heart.

Whatever you're doing as a parent, rest assured: You're doing it right.

This leaf is money.

The dog may be paying for treats, but I think we can all agree that he deserves them all for free.

Follow that dog!

If this happened to me, I wouldn't even be mad. In fact, I'd probably keep following him.

Math dad.

Dads are basically the best. At math, and at just about everything else.

Accurate meme.

Something about a grandparent going to the trouble of printing out an Internet meme makes my heart so happy. Bonus points for framing it, too!

The sequel.

I hope there's a third one. That'd be going for the hat trick.


Imagining this scene makes me grin. Who says the alphabet has to go in that order, anyway?

The Amish.

They're also very good at raising barns and growing beards!

Dream come true.

I guess it's possible that David Harbour isn't the best celebrity who has ever lived. But he's definitely gotta be in the top three, right?

Good boy.

Note to self: Get a bath toy for my dog. Also, give that sweet pupper so many pets.

Happy birthday!

Dog birthdays are my new favorite thing. They're better than all the other things.

Apple Pay.

Paying for someone else's coffee is always a nice thing to do. It's a bonus when you can also make them feel a little silly for being mean.


The world can always use more amazing Uber drivers. This guy is the real MVP.

It's so tiny!

I'm gonna need a hamster and hamster bed, STAT. Share this with someone who could use a smile today!