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Transitioning from high school to college can be tough. High school teachers try to prepare their students as well as they possibly can for the challenges and the rigors of the college classroom, but they can only do so much. It is more often than not a rude awakening once kids actually get into the college classroom.

And I mean that in the best way possible. High school teachers are often a lot tougher and present themselves more seriously than some college professors. While these professors typically are experts in their subjects, they are also human beings who are sometimes too tired for class or to answer your email politely. Sometimes they just want to dress up for class or tell you exactly how they feel. The professors in the pictures below are what make college hilarious and worth it.

Not all professors are as cool as Chuck Norris in this scene.

But many of them are. And these are the cool, hilarious, and clever professors that we are highlighting in this post. It's time to go back to school!

Spilled beer

I mean, how else do you expect a professor to read through 40 mediocre essays about Macbeth?

It's in the syllabus

This is a total Superman move. I love the commitment this bit took. He had to like, make and order that t-shirt and everything.

I'm Josh!

This is so accurate! High school teachers always say, "In college, your professors won't tolerate this behavior!" But in college, your professor's like, "It's too early. Go home."


And that is the first day I was able to pay attention for the entirety of physics class.

Which one?

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This is hilarious. I would hope that everyone in the class could recognize the professor by face. This is a real test to see who shows up just on test day.

Borrowed a pen

I love this. You don't come to class prepared with your own pen? Then you are using the teacher's giant feather quill.

Bonus points

Man, I love a good pop culture extra credit question. That's pretty much how I passed math class.


This is so true. I cannot count the number of times I sent a detailed, professional email to a professor and they sent back a, "K."


Again, it's just like this. You put in all this effort, and professors send typos back. From their iPad.

Minion teacher

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This is hilarious. I hope this professor spoke in that silly language the Minions speak in the movies.

Deceptive email subject

This is so mean! But I bet it was much more effective than if the subject read, "Quiz reminder."

Merry equation

This is a pretty clever way to wish your students Merry Christmas, but where's the Hanukkah equation, huh? There are like, six ways to spell it too, so good luck bud.

So class today

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What a crazy email! I love how it ends with "THIS IS WEIRD." The professor knows. He could have made up a much more understandable excuse, but it looks like he was pretty stressed about the salt in his eyes.

Professor Walter White

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When your college professor dresses up as Breaking Bad's main character to teach you about meth, you probably stop and listen.


How thoughtful of this professor to make sure her students felt comfortable in class even when she wasn't there.

Big catch

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Oh my goodness, what a psychological game this professor is playing with their students! I'd probably go for the two points. How about you?

Canceled class

I mean, to be fair, $30 for an Uber is insane. Where is this class, at the White House? I'm on the side of the professor here.


I love that the professor understood what the student was doing here and gave them credit for it. That answer certainly was a risk!

"I go"

I don't know what this means. I think this professor might have hit the send button too early. I'm sure they'll explain it in full during the next class.

Psychology quiz

This professor gave this paper to every kid in class except for two, who, I assume, got a real, difficult quiz. So good.

Read the syllabus

I wonder how many times the average professor has to say or type "read the syllabus" in their career. It's probably an obscene number.

Pajama protest

Seven in the morning is way too early for a class, and this professor knows it! But also, where did he get those silky pajamas because they look super comfortable?

Some old hippie

This is a surprisingly effective way to get your students to remember sine, cosine, and tangent.

Mysterious lives

Oh my god, yes. High school teachers are always so mysterious and private, but college professors often let it all hang out!

Reverse psychology

I can't believe this worked. But I bet the professor saw this, rolled their eyes, and then nudged the grade up while knowing exactly what their student was trying to do.

On your phone

It's 2018. It is totally ridiculous for professors to expect that kids won't be on their phones or computers during class. Might as well embrace it!

Installing spring

This is really funny, and, if you have ever been to Rochester, New York, totally true. It's cold up there!

Baby whisperer

This professor wasn't going to let a crying baby get in the way of his student's education. He just grabbed that kid, held him calmly, and kept teaching!

"It's cool"

You are paying for college, though, so try to do a good job! Share this with someone who could totally be a cool professor.