Listen up! Your mother brought you into this world, and she has the power to take you out of it, with one savage comment. Moms everywhere know how to destroy their own children with a single glance, let alone with their words. They are all-powerful beings who know exactly how to put you back in your place. Comedy Central should hire tired moms as their roasters instead of professional comedians– moms get the job done like none other.

The moms in this list know exactly how to be a savage in the best sense of the word. They are ruthless warriors making their way through the world with only their mom-power on their backs. I can only hope that one day, I will be able to insult my own children as swiftly and handily as the moms included in this list. In the meantime, all I can do is learn from them and bow down to their prowess.

Every mom has a savage side.

They may not all look ruthless, but I am telling you, moms know how to cut you to your core. Take a look at these professional roasters.

No help

This mom deserves a picture where she is posing alone with the food that no one helped her make! I wouldn't blame her if she didn't share either.

Gone missing

"Awesome" and "sad" are two very different words to type up. I think mom was lying.

Personal space

Yeah, um, sorry kid, but you don't have any personal space when it comes to your mom. She has you beat.

Bride for my son

This is the greatest ad I've ever seen. I think my favorite line is when she describes all his great qualities and then says, "All this and my stupid son has got neither the charm nor the smartness to figure out a woman and convince her to marry him."

Scheduled life

Mom knows what she wants and it's for you to send your good wishes after she wakes up at noon.

Why is that so hard to understand?


Judging by the illustrations, this book was written by a small child, which makes it even funnier and more insulting. A+ work, mom.

When they're being honest

What, you want your mom to tell you that you look good even when she doesn't think so? You need people like her in your life, otherwise, you'll go around looking insane all the time.

Missing a button

WOW, I love a mom who has no qualms about busting her kid for her outfit in the very public sphere that is Instagram. All hail the queen.

Peanut shell

This is when, as a kid, I tap out. As soon as mom starts talking about dad's junk, I politely recuse myself from the conversation.

Baby and Katie

I am well-acquainted with moms who put their animals before their human children. I think it's because the animals never talk back.

Called out

This is perfect! I don't know why this mom felt compelled to write to the university to tell them her son was lying; maybe she thought they'd do something about it. But the public nature of this post is *chef's kiss.*


Nothing like waking up in the morning to see your mom has reminded you of the most awkward time in your life! That's the best!

Rat in the house

Mom called this cartoon rat his girlfriend! Quick with the comeback, savage with the response. This mom knows exactly what she's doing.

Friend fights

This is hilarious. This mom is the last one left! Life is The Hunger Games and this mom is Katniss Everdeen.

Too much money

You can't put a price on a mother's love. Well, this mother can, and it's definitely less than $3,000.


At least this mom knows her kid. Inside and out.


I love when a parent calls BS on their kid's "woe is me" social media posts. I think it's my favorite genre of the Internet.

Michelle loves weiners

Heyoooo! Mom with the jokes! Give this woman a high-five!

All caps

You know a mother is serious when she sticks on that caps lock button and goes to town. I have a feeling that kid is going to be grounded for a long time.


It's honestly the fault of the kid who accepted his parents' friend requests and then starts bad-mouthing them on that very platform. Not a smart move, dude!

Straight-up lies

"Excuse me!" Oh, man. Can't you hear the disappointment in her voice?

Who dis?

You mean this kid's own mother didn't have their number saved in her phone?! Harsh! Love it!

Let's see...

Kids! I really can't stress this enough: Don't blatantly lie about your life on Facebook if you are friends with your parents. They will call you out. And they will be right to do so.

Too young

This is a very coded way to say that her 10th-grade boyfriend was ugly. Hilarious! This mom is hilarious.

Never Wet

Wow. I have no words. *slow clap.*

Text from the other room

This is perfect. What reason do you bring kids into this world other than to have them get things for you? Seriously.

Caught Reddit-handed

This is a great reminder of two things: First, don't believe everything you read on the Internet. Second, don't even try to hide your Internet lies from your mother. She will find out.

Gorilla pen

The "We'll visit y'all every other weekend" got me because she clearly thought about it long and hard.

Move back home

Um, clearly, this is the most badass mom on the planet. Share this with your mom (but be warned: it might give her ideas).