19 Sentences from Today That Would Completely Baffle Someone from 30 Years Ago | 22 Words

Hey, want to feel old?

30 years ago, it was the year 1988.

There are SO MANY THINGS going on in today's world that would get this reaction from someone in the 80s:

The technology, the politics, the fashion trends! So much has changed! A recent AskReddit thread asked people to write a sentence that would completely baffle someone from 30 years ago. They did an amazing job.

Who's Alexa?

Ask Alexa the Rotten Tomatoes score for that movie.2weird2care

Are you drunk?

I found a fidget spinner in an Uber.sjipsdew

Is that a band?

What's the wi-fi password?PetitePrincess93

How do you call anyone?

I don't know anyone's phone number but my own.Taurius This next one might be the most confusing one of all.

In the what now?

It's in the cloud.Mac_N_Choices

How is that possible?

Lemme know when your tablet is done charging. I need to charge my cigarette and book.mbrown8710

Did she...die?

She totes ghosted me even though she slid in my DMs on Instagram first.westscottstots

My watch just tells time...

My wife and I just had this discussion after I said to her, "Dad called while I was watching VR videos, and I couldn't get my phone out of the goggles, so I had to take the call on my watch."EarhornJones

Why would you bring it anywhere?

"Damn, I forgot to bring my phone."MFAWG This next sentence is full of words that would make anyone from 1988 think you've lost your mind.

Are you speaking English?

I Googled the directions and sent them to your phone. I'll meet you there; I'm taking an Uber from work. After dinner, did you want to Netflix and chill?Quinthyll

You don't?

You still have a landline?Buznook31

Your pockets must be gigantic.

I have 2,000+ songs in my pocket.jeff_the_nurse


I tried texting her but didn’t get a response, but I saw she was still active on Instagram so I sent her a snap and she left me on read.Fill_Chapo


Trump is the president of the United States.yuh_boi_Chad This next sentence is seriously amazing.

Is that some kind of cologne?

Do you reckon Elon is gonna send another car into space?CheaterInsight

Can you what with what?

Can I pay Spotify with PayPal?cmach86

Why are you shouting about bells?

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What else would it be?

My ringtone is the sound of a phone ringing.NutellaGood


Hey, I'm gonna order the groceries online and pick them up later today, OK?twilight_in_the_zone Share this with someone who grew up in the '80s!