Snapchat is a great way to show your friends what shenanigans you're up to. The filters are super silly and can provide hours upon hours of entertainment.

But every so often, Snapchat captures something more sinister than your sister looking like a baby deer. Sometimes, something goes very wrong on Snapchat or in the universe, and someone snaps it for the world to see.

You'll cringe at these epic Snapchat fails. You'll laugh nervously and you'll hurt inside. But one thing you won't be able to do is look away.

Seagull Snatch

via: Imgur

The one good thing about this snap is that it won the National Geographic Award for the "Best Photo of a Seagull Ruining Someone's Day." There were 9,234,332,509,342,830 entries.

Free Soap

via: Bored Panda

Not judging this person for thinking this soap looks like a piece of chocolate. It does. Am totally judging this person for thinking it was OK to take a bite out of an unwrapped piece of chocolate that was sitting next to a sink in the bathroom. Gross!

Should I Tell Him?

via: Coed

When I tell you that this snap had me in tears because I was laughing so hard, I wish I was lying. I was only laughing because that dog is totally fine. He just wanted to go for a dip!

So Alone

via: eBaum's World

"LOL. Snap caught me so desperately alone." No joke, though, his footwork is super impressive.

There Was a Bee

via: Imgur

The saddest part about this bee freakout is that this woman lost her taco. If it was a salad, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, that would be one thing. But a taco... So sad.

Mark With a "C"

via: eBaum's World

This one's on Marc. He was not specific about where the "c" was supposed to go.

Tear Beard

via: iTimes

TFW Snapchat thinks your nostrils are your eyeballs. This was not a good day for Sarah's self-esteem.

Too Much Thyme

via: eBaum's World

The pun gets an A+. The situation is pretty awful, though. This snap is really pert-herb-ing.

Dad Snaps

via: Viral Vice

When she's an old woman on her deathbed, her family will lean over to her one final time and ask, "Do you have any regrets?" "Just one," she'll reply. "Teaching my father how to use Snapchat."

The Natural Look

via: iTimes

This is a totally natural look... ...if you're related to Maleficent.

Rand Paul

via: Viral Vice

Ironically, this screenshot was taken by the one person who decided following Rand Paul on Snapchat was a good idea. ...It was Jeb Bush.

Not So Stealthy

via: iTimes

We've all gotten caught trying to sneakily take a picture of someone. Leaving the flash on is a real amateur move. I'll bet she never makes this mistake again.

Strawberry Monster

via: M Magazine

If the thing he's trying to do is be a terrifying fruit beast that will haunt our nightmares forever, then he's doing a great job. If it's something else, then oh yeah, he's doing it way wrong.

Cookie Face

via: Cute Taurus Girl

Someone read the diary where I keep all of my deepest, wildest dreams. Tell me you've never wanted to be a cookie. Go on, tell me. Yeah, I thought so.

Eye See You

via: M Magazine

Kendall Jenner is perfect, you say? Kendall Jenner can do no wrong, you claim? Well, I submit this snap as Exhibit A. She has four eyes! ...Wait. Does that make her flawed or superhuman?

Nostril Baby

via: BuzzFeed

The grown man with a baby for a nose is kind of adorable. On the other hand, the baby with a nose for a face is a demon straight from the depths of hell.

A Love Story

via: Imgur

This is the face I make anytime one of my meals gets ruined. Food = love. That's the lesson of this story.

A Great Disappointment

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Almost nothing is worse than losing your ice cream when it's a normal-sized cone. I can't imagine the heartbreak in this situation. R.I.P. giant ice cream cone. You will be missed.


via: Imgur

Oh, the plight of the middle school teacher. She's never going to live that down. She's "Ms. Orgasm" for life now.


via: Imgur

If I was a piece of rotini trying to hide in a box of penne, you best believe I wouldn't be hanging out in the window. That's how you get caught!

The Face of Disaster

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You may think this is a face swap gone awry, but you'd be wrong. It's actually a pair of twins but one twin has a face on top of another face. She's a modern medical miracle.


via: Imgur

OK, this is a sad one. As someone who's always just half a head poking through the crowd or whose knee is the only part of me that makes it into the picture, I empathize.

Bad Day

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Yes, this is terrible, but it could have been much worse. At least the car has leather seats.

The Mufasa of Dads

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Odd choice of father/son pair for this advertisement. I suppose they really wanted to get across the sense of urgency.

Send Nudes

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I really hope the amount of effort this took was worth it. P.S. Can you believe the stars seemed to spell out "send nudes?" P.P.S. I KNOW THEY DON'T ACTUALLY. IT'S A JOKE.

Got Puns Hun

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Someone was really bored at work. What else are you supposed to do in the breakroom while the coffee brews?

Appliance Face

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Now, this may be a little difficult for you to understand. When a man loves an oven...

BBQ Catastrophe

via: Metro

This woman fought a BBQ battle with her grill in an entire Snapchat saga. It's hilarious even though it may have set women back a few years.

51ck Job!

via: Reddit/me irl

This person may not have tricked his Snapchat audience, but he tricked himself, and that's what really matters. That, and passing school...

Laundry Day

via: Bored Panda

Ohhh that's what he did wrong. He tried to wash his fireball.