These Hilarious Stories With Absolutely No Proof to Back Them up Are Going Viral

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Have you ever done something amazing but had no proof it ever happened?

Once when I a kid I was at the doctor’s office, and the doctor was checking my reflexes. Just as he was about to hammer my knee with that little hammer thing, it slipped from his hands, and I quickly caught it in mid-air before it hit the floor. The doctor said, “I guess we don’t need to check your reflexes, they look pretty good.” It was a perfect moment, and nobody saw it except me and my doctor, and of course, he couldn’t tell anyone due to doctor-patient confidentiality (just kidding).

It turns out situations like these happen to people all the time! They do something amazing, look around, and realize nobody was watching. It could have been their 15-minutes of fame if only someone was paying attention.

Here are some of the most frustrating stories of people who did something amazing, but have no proof that it ever happened.

This story is amazing. But of course, no one was there to witness it.

I knocked a jar of jelly off a shelf on accident in the grocery store. My first reaction was to kick it and break the fall so it didn’t shatter, but I actually kicked it harder than I wanted to. It flipped up, and landed right back on the shelf. I looked around, mouth wide open, to see if anyone had witnessed it, but nope.Jiggy724

They can prove that the problem was solved, but not that the answer came to them in a dream.

Did a fair bit of math in Uni. There was an assignment with a question that I simply couldn’t solve. My classmates and I spent a whole week and couldn’t come up with any solutions.
The night before the assignment was due, I dreamt that I was writing the solution on a blackboard. Miraculously, I remembered this solution when I woke up. Checked the solution, and it actually worked.isthatshrubbery

I wish I had seen this.

Ate 3 large pizzas by my self from Dominos when I was 14.ThunderChickenSix5


I need proof of this one…but I guess that’s the point.

I raced David Duchovny on the 101 freeway and beat him because he tried to hit the inside lane but got stuck in a pocket where a double-decker tow truck was on his left and a big rig was in front of him.SupervisorJamesLahey

A superhero that no one saw.

I was about 9-years-old and saved my 8-year-old friend from drowning in a busy pool. He was sinking after another kid took his float. The other kid didn’t realize he couldn’t swim. I dove in and pulled my friend back up to the surface, and then to the edge of the pool. This was a school event, but none of the staff had noticed. They laughed and denied when I told them. Maybe they didn’t want to admit that they weren’t lifeguarding properly.Lesbons

Who were they? And why?

My friend and I went out partying. Woke up the next morning with a text message. Opened it, and it was a picture of me and a random dude on a tandem bicycle riding down the street. I have since lost the photo. I have no idea how this happened.hotsauce_shivers

Do you think he was Catfishing you?

I talked to Drake on Chatroulette once. I was drunk, after a night out at the bar.
He was on his bus and I told him I loved him in Degrassi (I’m Canadian, btw). He said something like “I’m a famous rapper now.” I tried to take a screenshot but my laptop froze.
I stopped telling people about it pretty quickly because nobody believed me.esfull

This is sad but also impressive…

When I was a kid I got a BB gun for Christmas– one of those pump ones. Well, one winter evening I was out in the backyard shooting at bottles and one shoot I had lined up so perfectly I was sure I was hit it. But I pulled the trigger and to my surprise, I missed (or so I thought on closer examination). I found out a hummingbird had flown in front of me and I hit it by accident. I felt terrible after that didn’t shoot my bb gun till spring time came around. I didn’t want to tell my parents cause they love their hummingbirds and I know I would have got in trouble if I said anything.Weinertotheface

Did a raccoon steal this person’s glasses for their own personal use? You decide.

I grew up in New York City, and when I was a kid, I was playing at a playground in Central Park and somehow lost my glasses. Fast forward to two weeks later, I’m walking through a field about a quarter mile away from the playground and quickly come to a halt next to a tree. My glasses were sitting INSIDE A TREE HOLLOW. How they got there I will never know, but little 9-year-old me felt like such a badass for finding them.alexm1124

When you accidentally create the hottest rumor in your school.

The high school I went to is a large, mostly cement building. It looks like a prison. My freshman year, and friend and I were joking about it in class. I made up a story, on the spot, about how the building was originally going to be a juvenile detention facility, but got turned into a high school at the last minute.
Two years later, the topic comes up between me and my girlfriend. She tells me the building was meant to be a juvie. She says she heard a story about it, and she tells me my story. Apparently, by that point, pretty much everyone knew my story and thought it was true.
Eight years after I graduated, I was visiting some cousins. Two of them were attending that same school at that point. And sure enough, they tell me my story, about how the school was supposed to be a “juvie or a prison or something.
I left behind a legacy on accident.” –N_Who

Hopefully, no one asked them to repeat this trick.

I’m a bartender. I can’t do any of those cool bottle flips or anything since I don’t care enough to try but my regulars came in and I wanted to see if I could impress them by trying it. I grabbed a bottle of cheap liquor that I knew wouldn’t be a big deal if I broke and flipped it behind my back, bounced it off my wrist when it came back around and grabbed it in my opposite hand at just the right angle to get poured straight into the glass. My customers were amazed and clapped and I tried playing it off like it was no big deal when in reality I was shaking with excitement inside that I had actually done it without really knowing what I was trying to do.Merry_Dankmas

This is like an action movie, right?

I was driving too fast on an icy dirt road and I slid into a ditch. I got out, got a stick, put the car in drive, and pressed the accelerator while rocking the car back and forth. After a minute or so, the car rolled back onto the road, with the door standing wide open. I sprinted after it, caught it, jumped in, shut the door, put on my seatbelt, and drove to my destination, carefully.spleenboggler

This wouldn’t be so impressive if it wasn’t on a spatula!

Used to work as a cook at a bar and grill. I was plating a sandwich and knocked it off of the counter. In a split second using my spatula, I managed to catch it, intact, before it hit the ground. Everybody applauded.Tutthole

This would have been an amazing photo.

A great friend of mine got married in Aruba. 15 or so friends flew down for the wedding. One day we went out on a catamaran shipwreck tour. At each stop, we could swim around a bit and explore. One shipwreck looked somewhat close to the water. It had a window that I wanted to swim through. As I went down, it became clear the water distorted my perception and the window was much deeper than I thought (probably more like 30 feet down than the 10 or so I thought). One of my best friends had an underwater digital camera and snapped photos of me doing this. There were 2 of the coolest shots taken. Big profile pictures. That night, their house got robbed when we all went to dinner, camera stolen, no proof I ever swam down 30 or so feet through a shipwreck.n8spear

This is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever heard.

25 years ago, I got lost in the Bolivian rainforest for 3 days, the whole while hardcore tripping on angel trumpets.
We were on a camping trip, involving a 10-hour hike through the jungle, rivers and all. Guy made tea on the fire and offered some to me. Being new in the country and not speaking the language, I assumed it was regular old tea. Nope. I ended up wandering from the group in the middle of the night, intending to hike back and GTFO.
I went the wrong direction, hallucinating things that haunt me to this day. Cutting to the end, 3 days later I awoke sobered up, in a hut in a small village clutching a knife and snuggling a bowl of fruit. These guys heard me screaming in the woods and came to my rescue. They pointed me in the right direction, and I crawled my way out to civilization.

Uh, whoops.

Accidentally cussed out Robert DeNiro for stealing my parking spot.
This is my only celebrity interaction, and it involves me yelling “What the f–k man” at a great actor. Way to go!

This happened in real life, not a musical.

Back in high school, they’d wax the floors every Tuesday and they were super easy to glide around on. On a Tuesday, I was standing at my locker, chatting with a friend and the five-minute warning bell went off. We heard it, but my class was just down the hall and he had a free period, so we stayed there talking. Next thing I know, the second bell that signals that you should be in class rings. My friend peaces out to the parking lot and I take off in the opposite direction, down the hall. I can see the teacher about to close the door, so I slide on my knees straight into the classroom just as the teacher was closing the door. My jeans got caught on a dry spot and hurtled me forwards, so I curl up around my books and end up somersaulting until I’m on my feet, directly beside my desk. The teacher called me ‘Tuck n Roll’ for the rest of the year.slimkt

“I was HUGE in Israel!”

When I was 7-years-old, I was in a cell phone commercial in Tel Aviv. My picture was all over many malls. But now I can’t find the commercial anywhere or my picture from it anywhere so many times when I mention that I was in this commercial I am not believed.JewBronJames

That time you were a human ATM.

I am a manager at a retail store. We got two bundles of 1 dollar bills. Bundles come as 100 dollars. We paperclip them into clips of 20. I went through both bundles and grabbed exactly 20 each time. Every time. 10 straight grabs of exactly 20. Although 2 are really meaningless because at the end of the bundle there’s always only 20 left. It’s rare for me to get exactly 20, let alone 10 straight times. Usually, I’m a few short or a few over.TDeath21

She was so impressed.

I was going to impress my then girlfriend and have a little fun by doing a front flip into a pile of snow. What I didn’t think about was that 1: the snow pile was on a slope and descended rather quickly and 2: I couldn’t see any snow where I intended to land. This resulted in me missing the snow pile entirely… And landing on my feet on the other side after a full front flip. Needless to say, that girlfriend is now my fiancée.ackemaster

No, this is impossible.

Opened a Capri Sun with one hand. –grettah35

Nobody believed that he wasn’t a pool shark.

This was circa 1991-92, so well before video cameras were a ubiquitous thing. A fraternity brother and I were playing pool in the student union, and the cue ball was trapped between the railing and one of his pool balls. I was ahead of him, and only had one ball left before I could go after the Eight. I figured I would just scratch off of him and make it up, so I jokingly said “watch this”, and angled the stick almost vertically. Damned if that cue ball didn’t pop straight up and over his ball, bounce once, and roll ever so slowly to knock my ball into the side pocket.
My frat brother called me a bastard and refused to play pool with me ever again, thinking I had been hustling him and everyone else all semester.
I’m still really proud of that accidental trick shot.MikeyHatesLife

But why did you do it three times?

I successfully did the cinnamon challenge… three times in a row.
It was my 24th birthday and I was celebrating with a bunch of friends. After a significant amount of alcohol, someone suggested I do it. I hadn’t even heard of it but I was curious when people pull out their phones to record. I still remember the excited chatter before the deed and the astonished silence that followed. Sadly, those videos are now long gone.
It’s silly, but it’s actually something I’m weirdly proud of. I’m sure a big part of it is that it was one of the happiest days I can remember.
PS. I cannot stand the taste of cinnamon to this day.santaistheparentss

The truth is out there.

Witnessed a UFO with my friend while driving.
No one believed us but we both saw it.
We were driving home from a movie at night and at the end of our road there is a radio tower. Coming up the hill we saw above this tower an oddly bright blue light slightly larger than the stars. We both noticed it and were staring at it as we approached when suddenly it shot across the sky in a lightning bolt pattern.
It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.ScaryThePirate

Just getting eye drops in your eye and not all over your face is impressive.

One time I went to put in eye drops. As I began to squeeze the bottle of eye drops into my right eye my arm twitched and in one motion I got both eyes perfectly. No residual liquid running down my face either. I couldn’t believe it.knham1

But what about gravity?

I once knocked an almost full pint of lager off a pub table and it landed without spilling any beer.Alistairio

This sounds like a weird Sour Patch Kids advertisement, but okay.

15 years ago I was sitting in my junior high cafeteria with friends. I placed a Gummi bear on the end of a plastic spoon and told my friends, “watch this.”
I catapulted that thing across the cafeteria and it landed in the mouth of the hottest girl in school 40 feet away. Looked down our way, shot her a wink, and went back to eating. None of my friends saw because I was the fucking loser of the group and they didn’t pay attention to me. She also denied it later because she also deemed me a fucking loser and refused to be associated with gummi bear catapult boy.Alrightythen57

This is like a cartoon.

One time I was toasting a bagel at the office. The bagel always comes out incredibly hot and I was impatient that day, so I flicked the toaster lever up with some force and moved my tiny paper plate, which was barely large enough to hold one half, just in time to catch both halves of the bagel on top of each other. Never felt better about saving 2 minutes in my life.Unarchy

What moves did you do? What moves did Shaq do?

I beat Shaq in a dance off. –steve_son_of_tom

No one will ever know.

When I was in 9th – 10th grade, I took away a friend’s cap and threw it across the room where the coat hooks were. I didn’t really pay attention but the cap landed perfectly on one of the hooks. We were the only ones that saw it but I felt like a badass for a week after.59-red-balloons