19 Hilarious Tweets About Insomnia for You to Read in the Middle of the Night

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Sleeping is hard!

If you suffer from insomnia, it’s even harder. And that’s no fun!

Luckily, if you have trouble sleeping, you’re not alone.

The struggle to sleep is real, and it’s relatable. These 19 tweets from insomniacs will make you feel less alone and let you laugh about how hard it is to get shut-eye.

Stages of insomnia

Looking at Twitter is actually steps 5-100. It takes up a lot of your time.


What is it about touching your head to the pillow for some rest that makes you question every single decision you’ve ever made?


Looking at Twitter might be the single worst thing you can do when you’re trying to sleep. Especially these days. The next one might blow your mind.

Hello, 911?

My eyes just got really wide, and I cannot wrap my head around this concept, and yeah, now I don’t think I will ever sleep again. Cool.

Bedtime routine

This bedtime routine is a lot more universal than you might think. She was on step six when she wrote this tweet.

Binge watch

Everyone knows that binge-watching your favorite comedies is the only sure-fire way to fall asleep. Parks and RecNew Girl, and Arrested Development are all good options.

New Uber

This is a great idea, but it could also be extremely creepy, and the creepy factor is outweighing the comfort factor in my mind by a lot right now.

Can’t sleep

Isn’t it the worst that you spend all day being tired and then can’t get to sleep at night? That’s the opposite of what it’s supposed to be! The next one is a pretty thick layer of silver lining.

At least…

Hey, look at that! A positive about not being able to sleep.

Chill brain

This is so true! It’s like your brain only tries to change and update while you’re finally trying to rest.

Eight hours

There’s nothing as amazing (and unattainable) as eight full hours of sleep. Ooh, eight hours would be so fine.

*Reads news*

Especially in good ol’ 2018, reading the news is a recipe for not being able to sleep. At all.

Sleep like a baby

I also sleep like a baby! On my back, crying and swatting at stuffed animals.

Favorite thing

It’s so true! Sleep is the best! Why do we try to not do it? That’s bonkers! The next one is a special insomniac’s version of the Lord’s Prayer.

If I die

This exact thing, only with googling myself. Or seeing if I have any Facebook notifications.

Stupid Internet

That’s the thing. Twitter will be there in the morning. The whole Internet will be there tomorrow. Just go to sleep. It’s not worth staying up.

Hard to get

Seriously, sleep needs to stop being such a player and just come home to me. I’ll love it forever.

Your phone

Putting your phone away is the best thing you can do to get a good night’s sleep. So many people are just unwilling to do that! I get it. I am too.

Trying things

Oh, no, she wasn’t trying those things to fall asleep. They were just fun to try. Share this with a fellow insomniac!