19 Honest Tweets About How Terrible Summer Is

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Summer is here! You know what that means.

Kids are out of school! Temperatures are making your body melt! Skies are sunny, and there’s all this pressure to do activities and have the best summer of your life!

In so many ways, summer is an exhausting season.

People of the world have taken to Twitter to express just what summer means (and does) to them. There have never been 19 more relatable tweets.

Hot cars

God forbid your car has leather seats! Summer turns getting into your car into an act of violence.

No guilt

Summer is the perfect season to curl up like a burrito and watch hours upon hours of your favorite TV shows. But, it’s also the season during which you feel guilty if you’re not outside enjoying nature 24/7. The conundrum!

Deo for the B.O.

This should be everyone’s motto for summer. Summer is undoubtedly the season of rank smells. Maybe this is why they let middle school children stay home during these months.

Goodbye comfort

I honestly don’t understand people who love summer. It really is saying goodbye to all forms of comfort for three months. It’s terrible. The next one brings up another facet of summer we don’t talk about enough.


Let’s talk about how the bug situation during summer is dire and terrible, and you are basically crawled on and constantly bitten until it’s 60 degrees out.

The pressure

There’s all this invisible pressure when it’s summer to always be doing something fun and cool, but it’s so silly. Clearly, the solution is to move to LA. Or live in a place where it’s always sunny, so that guilty feeling just becomes a part of your daily life, and you get so used to it that you sort of don’t notice it anymore.

Kids are home

We don’t think about how terrible summer break is for parents all around the world. On a serious note, many working parents can’t afford for their kids to go to day camp and have adult supervision during summer days. This is a real problem! Also, kids are monsters during the summer. The heat does something to them, I swear.

Screw it

Some people look at summer as the time to maintain that bikini body. Others, like me, use it as an excuse to never stop eating.

Pool pug

Honestly, I would like summer way more if I could just do this the whole time. The next one is for anyone affected by the humidity.


Ah, the good old days when I could stand outside without my hair poofing up to three times its normal size. I miss those days.

Speaking of humidity…

Sometimes the humidity gets out of control. If you know this feeling, I’m so sorry for you.

Summer budget

Summer budget, had me a chance! Summer budget, blew it so fast!

Legs for summer daze

You never realize how pasty and translucent your legs are until it’s summer and you are blinded by them. The mystery bruises are also a given.

Learning things

Kids think that summer break is their break from learning things, but joke’s on them! Life is about learning! The next one show’s Leo DiCaprio in all his summer glory.

Enjoying summer

This is the epitome of summer fun, and contrary to popular belief, it is not a picture of your little brother. It’s Academy Award-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.


Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of every single hour of every single day, but it’s also the perfect season to sleep the day away. Suck on that contradiction!

Vacation packing

The person you pack for is never really you. It’s this strange, ideal, fictional you that you create to make yourself seem cool. The person you pack for doesn’t exist.

Proceed with the pumpkin spice

We all reach a point during the summer where we’re just done. For me, it’s the first 90-degree day. I don’t even like pumpkin spice and I prefer it to summer any day.

The heat

This isn’t dramatic. This is real. This is what this season does to people. Happy summer everybody! Share this with someone who understands the pain.