Hilarious Twitter Account, Blue Kazoo Posts the Best Puzzle Content You Didn’t Know You Needed

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If there’s one place we all go when we’re in need of some humor, it’s Twitter… The platform is full of some of the most creative and hilarious content you’ll ever see. And Blue Kazoo’s Twitter account is no different…

Didn’t think puzzles could be funny? Well, think again, as Blue Kazoo’s Twitter account has some of the best puzzle content you didn’t know you needed. Still don’t believe us? Scroll on and take a look at their best tweets…

Turns out puzzle companies don’t just create puzzles…

They create podcasts as well.


This tweet sees Blue Kazoo hit us with some reality…

Because, let’s be honest, we’re not and probably never will be rich enough to visit space.

Thanks for that reality, Blue Kazoo.


They sure know how to build up to something special.

P.S you should totally check out their Mars puzzle.


Everyone has to treat themselves now and then.

A train puzzle is the one thing your old soul didn’t know it needed.

Congratulations, on the new arrival!

Cherish the moments while they’re young, one minute they’re just a puzzle piece and the next they are fully completed.

Somethings are best left to the experts

And this is certainly one of them.


We would much rather get lost in the immersion of a puzzle than lost in an actual maze.


Again, we have to agree…

After all, puzzles like this Earth one are the thing that got us through 2020.

Is this the end of Blue Kazoos incredible puzzles?

Of course not, tricked you!

September 8 was a tough day at work.

We can all relate


September 10 on the other hand was a pretty great day at work.

Can we have one of these everyday, please?

Puzzles and music…

What more could anybody want in life?


September 26 was a very intense day at work…

As they contemplated some very important questions. Will they ever get an answer?

Sounds like a pretty good job if you ask us.

Where do we apply?

Strap yourself in folks…

Come the weekend, anything can happen.

In a world that revolves around followers and likes…

Using this math, this tweet actually received 4,000,000 likes… Very impressive.

Blue Kazoo supply inspirational quotes as well as puzzles.

We might get this one printed on a T-shirt.

Some people will do anything for Twitter followers.

Including this…


When you think about it, they might not be completely wrong…

Do you agree?


What wonderful news!

We wonder what this one will be… A Nebula puzzle? A color wheel puzzle?