Hilarious 'Yahoo Answers' Questions That Will Make You Question People's Sanity | 22 Words

There are many strange corners of the internet but possibly none so strange as the mysterious site known as Yahoo Answers, where users can ask anonymous questions and have them answered by strangers.

Under the cover of anonymity, people feel comfortable asking some very, very interesting things.

And then there are some people who are just very, very confused.

This person just had a very simple question: is it or is it not illegal to kill an ant?

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She wasn't asking about the puppy, geez! Obviously there are going to be casualties along the way in your pursuit of possible ant murder, nobody can help that!

This girl totally likes this guy, right?

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Well, that was a twist ending. Sometimes you like a girl and she only wants to frame you for murder, it's just the way life works.

This person definitely needs to talk to someone about this very specific problem.

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What has your turtle ever done to you, sir?!

Why hasn't anyone else thought of this?!

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And furthermore, if cars drive, why can't we just drive them to China across the ocean? Why do people bother booking expensive plane trips?

A simple question: how do you unbake a cake?

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The real question is why would ever want to go from having cake to not having cake without the step in between being you eating the cake?

This question is why, for the love of God, we need sex ed in schools.

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How...does she think sex works? Because whatever she thinks, she is very, very wrong.

Ah yes, the Gay Test. Very popular medical procedure.

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But really, does her son even need a Gay Test? His eyes are blue, and everyone knows all people with blue eyes are gay, that's just a scientific fact.

Yahoo Answers always delivers the hard-hitting questions we have always wanted to know the answer to.

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Yahoo Answers proving that you shouldn't get high and think about stars, it will just confuse you.

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But seriously, why are there stars if they are not the sun? Why do they even bother being stars? Stupid useless stars.

Do you think he adds this to the end of every conversation?

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He just wants to make sure everyone is properly informed.

Don't pretend like you've never been allured by the delicious temptress that is antibacterial hand soap.

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After this interaction, the two married. She warned him about eating various cleaning products, he brought her sweet-smelling roses daily, which he also tried to eat.

This is a very important and legitimate question about biology.

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The answer, of course, is that all crocodiles did just get their nails done and they are very particular about them not getting smudged.

Can you identify this techno song by this very helpful description?

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Trick question: this is every techno song.

Again, this is why we need sex ed in schools.

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No, your girlfriend is not pregnant with a tiny vampire. Probably.

Be honest: we've all wondered this at some point.

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Don't pretend you've never Googled "How to lose weight without putting in any effort or leaving my house".

Ah, the classic "my wife doesn't want our hot maid to sleep in our bed" conundrum.

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I don't understand what his wife's problem is, this isn't weird at all.

The person who answered this question isn't wrong.

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Dogs are amazing. Whether they can eat watermelon or not, well, frankly, who cares. Let's just talk about how amazing they are.

Merriam Webster has a new word of the year.

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Step aside, linguists, the internet's got this one.


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There are several steps to posting a photo on Facebook, how does one manage to "accidentally" post a photo of their genitals?

Europeans just can't get into Shakira Law.

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It's so annoying how Muslims insist on requiring everyone to listen to My Hips Don't Lie on repeat and wear blonde hair extensions and crop tops.

Everyone knows the government made up pandas, they are too cute to be real.

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But what about unicorns? Are those real? Platypuses? Bigfoot? It's all so confusing!

We all have our anxieties.

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They just aren't usually this specific.

But what were they called?

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It's on the tip of my tongue but I just can't remember.

As long as it is a consenting potato, why not?

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What adults do in their free time is nobody's concerns but theirs. Although, personally, I think turnips are the sexier root vegetable.

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