Who said religious institutions can't have a sense of humor?

These church signs prove 19 times over that even churches can be pretty hilarious.

They might even get you to want to give Mass a chance. Get ready to giggle...

Spring is good because Easter and baseball. Two great American pastimes.

Is this where we worship at the feet of Prince? Because sign me up.

True that! But on a side note, have you ever accidentally done this? Do not recommend.

Well, that's one way to try to get young people to attend your services. The next one is a motto we should all live by...

AMEN. Twitter could be good if everyone took this message to heart.

Love when a traditionally humorless organization attempts a pun and it goes terribly wrong. That is a great joy of my life.

Oh, snap! They're right, though.

Wow. I've always said that if I were to belong to a religion, it would be an inclusive one...but this is, dare I say it, even too inclusive...

This church understands what Easter is really all about: marshmallow Peeps! The next one is just lovely...

This isn't even funny. It's just true and good and right. More religions should follow the wise words of one Albus Dumbledore.

Well, that's a ringing opposite-of-endorsement if I ever heard one. Good enough for me!

This is a great pun. A+.

Hold up. Did we just get told to smile more by a church sign?! No thank you.

If we're worshipping at the altar of Black Panther, count me in. Wakanda forever! The next one is snarky!

Love when a church sign "Pro tips" the public. Dishing out hard truths.

What a marvelous idea! The funniest part about this sign is that it was put up in July (OK, not sure if that's true, but that'd be hilarious).

Calloway United Methodist does it again! If you're having trouble with this one, say it out loud.

That seems like a pretty good deal. Hard to pass up free stuff, know what I mean?

Love this. Getting right to the point.