People Whose Parents Didn't Think Before Naming Them | 22 Words

Why do some parents insist on making their children's lives miserable?! Some parents are overly strict. Some are just plain embarrassing.

Others give their kids regrettable names.

And when I say regrettable, I mean REGRETTABLE.

I honestly don't know how the 29 people below can get through their days. Their names are hilariously unfortunate. They'll never be able to say their name without saying, "Yes, that's really my name," right after.

Mrs. Weiner and Mr. Butt

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How perfect is this?! I bet this was just as hilarious in 1981 as it is today.

Krystal Ball

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Hot tip: If your last name is Ball, don't name your kid Krystal! Or Basket! Or Big Sweaty!

Hitler Mussolini

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Wow, this guy's parents really went all in on famous fascists. Try explaining that name to literally anyone in the world.

Dick Long

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I think the strained smile on his face says it all. The next one is for the Jurassic Park fans out there.

Tahra Dactyl

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Come on, people. I mean, I guess if you have to be named after a dinosaur, this is the way to go.

Dr. Whet Faartz

His face says, "Please don't laugh at my name," but his name is like, "I dare you not to laugh."

Kim Kashkashian

This name gets filed under the category, "Too Close for Comfort." I hope she at least has an easy time making restaurant reservations.

Lancelot Supersad

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It's true. Lancelot looks super sad about having his name.

Major Dickie Head

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Why would you choose to go by Dickie, Major?! Pick! Another! Nickname! The next one is actually kind of cool.

Lord Brain

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OK, this is actually maybe the coolest name I've ever heard, and I'm glad Lord Brain was smart enough to publish a book because otherwise, it would have been such a waste.

Dick Smalley

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Poor Dick can't even look you in the eye because he's so ashamed of his name.

Crystal Methven

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Leave it to someone with the name Crystal Methven to end up on court TV. There were so many other names her parents could have chosen. Even Beth would have been better. Beth Methven.

Dick Raper

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"I made the sign, but I don't think I got it right." "Nope, that's my name. I'll need two more signs, please." "Are you sure that's your name? I'll make the signs, but it doesn't look any better on tan than it does on black." "I know...just...that's my name."

Lieutenant Les McBurney

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Les McBurney is already a hilarious name, but the fact that it belongs to a firefighter is just golden. The next one is for all the generic white dudes out there.

Christian Guy

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"Put his name on the lower third." "It's up there." "No, it's just a descriptor." "No...that's his name."

Tokyo Sexwale

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This can't be his real name? Can it? Can it please?

Crystal Coker

Why do all the Crystals and Krystals of the world have the most unfortunate last names?!

Ray McAnally

"You sure it's not McNally?" "No, my name is McAnally. Get it right." "OOOOKKKKK my dude."

Long Wang

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So that's why he's got that smug look on his face! The next one is really sad.


Poor Boring has to have that stamped on every book they've ever written. Experimental psychology sounds pretty really interesting!

Ana L.

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Parents. Think about every configuration of your kid's name. Initials. Spelled out. Etc.

General Arse Biscuites

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This one cannot be real. I mean, come on. It's too good.

Mr. Butt

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You're right, sign. This is pure art.

Jazz Singsanong

Her name is so close to Jazz Sings A Song! It's amazing. The next guy was probably bullied growing up.

Mr. Sackrider

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I'm assuming Mr. Sackrider became a teacher so he can teach children that they could also be successful despite the many obstacles in their way.

Dick Burger

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Again, why would one ever choose to go by Dick? Richard Burger is a much better name.

Rowdy Negro

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Yes, that's the face that I would have too if that were my name. This is grounds to legally change your name and sue your parents, I think.

Saad Maan

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Well, at least by the expression on his face we know that he lives up to his name.


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