Himalayas Seen for the First Time in Decades After Pollution Drop

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It is unbelievable to say, but the global pandemic has had an undeniable effect on our planet… in a good way. Human impact has been outlined more than ever since lockdowns all over the world have been implemented, and Mother Nature has well and truly been thriving.

Keep scrolling to see the unbelievable pictures of the Himalayas becoming visible for the first time in decades, and the other silver linings the lockdowns have brought about.

Thousands have now died from the virus and the spread of it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Including Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and many parts of the United States.

It’s safe to say that things are now deadly serious.

People all around the world are certainly feeling the strain and staying confined in their homes isn’t as easy as they imagined.

But staying indoors is potentially saving lives

And it is also saving our planet.

And this truly goes to show how the human race has severely damaged Planet Earth over the centuries.

Since January, many parts of the world have seen a drastic drop in pollution levels since lockdowns were implemented.

Wuhan in China now has almost unrecognizable stats…

Wuhan is where the coronavirus initially started, and since the city’s lockdown back in January, nitrogen dioxide levels have dropped drastically.

Mother Nature is thriving more than ever, with plants flourishing and wildlife making appearances in the most unlikely of places – including bottlenose dolphins recently swimming in the crystal clear canals of Venice in Italy that are usually overridden with tourists.

And it goes to show how without us humans taking over the streets, the planet is slowly beginning to heal itself.

And nature has been allowed to take its course without any interruptions.

Today, people in areas of the state of Punjab in northern India, have been sharing pictures of the Himalayan mountains from up to 125 miles away. The mountains have become visible for the first time in thirty years…

According to The Independent, The India Today Data Intelligence Unit found the air quality index improved by an average of 33 percent in the country between 16-27 March. The site also reports that nitrogen dioxide levels dropped between 10 March and 22 March, compared to the same period last year.

And of course, share their best pictures of the Himalayas.

“Today morning people in Jalandhar woke up to a massive surprise. They could see what they had not seen for the last 30 years. Right in front of their eyes stood the majestic Dhauladhar mountain range of Himalayas from Himachal Pradesh. Pollution levels have dropped considerably.”

It just goes to show that, despite all the negatives, some silver linings to come from this pandemic.