The Most Absolutely Horrible Holiday Decorations

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It is the holiday season! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Chanukah and Christmas are close behind! The fall and winter holidays are obviously the best, and now is the time when festive moms everywhere go crazy decking out the whole house. I’m talking about wreaths, string lights, trees, ornaments, turkeys made out of hands, and every shiny thing you can think of! It is pretty much the best time of the year.

But not everyone is your mom. Not everyone has the holiday design thing down pat. Some people, well, they really screw it up. The designs you are about to lay your eyes on are so bad that they might ruin your holiday season. I am a little bit sorry to share these with you, but if I have to look at them, you should too.

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or Thanksgiving, these designs will make a chill run down your spine.

The holidays are here!

And everyone’s excited! We should be. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But that doesn’t mean we should lose our heads and become totally dumb. These people lost their heads and became totally dumb.

Santa, please stop!

First of all, where is Santa? The signs are totally unclear, and they are also rude to the big man.

This family loves Christmas?

I understand that you want the tree to have a trunk, but when the whole tree is made out of words, it looks like an “I” tacked on to the end.

Black Friday

Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that if snowmen sat next to a fire, they would be puddles in an instant.

Chanukah tree topper

Oh yeah, for that traditional Chanukah bush that everyone knows is definitely, truly a thing. Not.

The First Leon

That is not, in fact, how mirrors work, but maybe that’s what mirrors do when you truly believe in Santa Claus.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

What is happening with Olaf’s face? Has he been possessed by a snow devil? This will give any person nightmares.

Not every other day

I have read this approximately fifteen times and I still do not understand what is happening or what they are trying to say.

Naughty turkey

When you took that chocolate frosting to those cupcakes, did you realize what you were doing? I’m just really curious.

Hanging angel

Um, this looks less like an angel and more like the Bent-Neck Lady from The Haunting of Hill House.

Cozy in Christmas

Where is the cozy in Christmas?! Where is it?! Show me the cozy Christmas! It’s not there.

KKK snowman

Look at that smug smile on that snowman. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

A little off

I don’t know if the design was printed on and then it was cut or if it was cut, and then the design was printed on. One part of the process did not go as planned.

Tighty-whitey Christmas lights

Sorry, cute small town. Your Christmas decorations look like underpants.

Scary angel

Who thought this face on a Christmas angel was a good idea? This is clearly the Chuckie of Christmas.

Headless family

Wow, these kids really take after their parents. Honestly, the family resemblance is startling.

Boob your holiday event

Who let this person write a sign? They should both be fired.

Off-center display

I love mall Christmas displays. But when they’re not centered in the atrium, you better tear it all down and start again! This is sending a chill up my spine.

“Safe” holiday

Why is “safe” in quotation marks? What could that possibly mean?

Kissing balls

Oh hey, I just have one small question: What the heck are kissing balls? It sounds naughty but this charming carrier would suggest they’re quite innocent.


Someone forgot the “e,” didn’t they? There will be no peace if we continue to allow things like this to happen.

Holiday Hpies Apns

The letter placement does not work! Honestly, neither does the rest of the sign. Rip it up and start again.

Santa dreidel

I get that there are kids who celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah, but this just really feels like Christians trying to sneak into Jewish traditions. Get outta here, Santa dreidel!

I want all for Christmas is…

Yeah, this does not work. This is why you don’t use a different font for every single word.

The four seasons

Winter. It’s called winter! Christmas is a holiday, not a season.

Festive shower curtain

What is Santa doing with Rudolph behind that Christmas tree? It looks so inappropriate! Rudolph looks uncomfortable.

Happy to Thanksgiving all!

Fun fact: People read horizontally. I don’t make the rules. I just understand them.

I am Dre

The letter placement was bad enough, but then you realize that they added a letter to “Christmas” to make the pyramid shape work, and then you have to give up.

Treason for the season

Leave it to Fox News to turn Christmas into treason.  


I, for one, am thankful for my spelling skills. Share this with someone who loves the holidays as much as you do!