Hollywood Stopped Casting Ryan Gosling and Now It's Clear Why | 22 Words

There's a big reason why you don't hear much from Ryan Gosling anymore...

Ryan is a big player in the Hollywood scene.

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But you'll have probably noticed that you don't tend to see his face on the big screen anymore.

Well, it turns out there's a big reason for this...

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And it's left fans both shocked and devastated, to say the least.

Now, Ryan had a very early introduction to the world of acting...

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Having first found success by joining the cast of The Mickey Mouse Club in 1993.

The club marked the beginning of the careers of many of our favorite stars...

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Including the likes of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.

Fun fact: one of Sylvester Stallone's action films proved to be an early influence for Gosling as a kid.

"When I was in first grade I watched First Blood, and I filled my Fisher-Price Houdini kit with steak knives and brought them to school and started throwing them at kids in recess," Gosling later told Maclean's magazine.

Of course, this didn't go down too well with staff at the school...

And found himself suspended for this dangerous reenactment, though he continued to be inspired by the movies he saw.

Anyway, his first big break in the house of the mouse was a major gig.

During which he sang, danced, and acted alongside several other stars. "I went through puberty in a theme park," the star explained to Esquire magazine, regarding the show's process of filming at Walt Disney World in Florida. "I'm grateful. That place was a landscape to me. I had adventures every day."

After the show was canceled in 1995...

Ryan stuck with his TV roots, going on to appear in the teen comedy Breaker High from 1997 to 1998.

He continued to gain attention, and at the age of seventeen, Ryan moved to Los Angeles...

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The move enabled him to star as the title character in the popular teen series Young Hercules.

But, it wasn't until 2000 that Ryan made his big-screen debut.

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The rising star bagged a supporting role in the sports drama Remember the Titans (2000), starring alongside Denzel Washington.

And, just a year later...

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Ryan finally got his big break.

2001's The Believer marked a major big-screen breakthrough for the star.

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The actor played a Jewish neo-Nazi in the critically acclaimed flick.

But, it wasn't until 2004 that he caught the attention of mainstream audiences.

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The star received rave reviews for his performance in the iconic tear-jerker  The Notebook, firmly cementing himself as one to watch.

His performance even earned him a Best Actor Academy Award nomination...

Paving the way for a hugely sucessful career on the big screen.

Ryan also became known for tackling diverse roles...

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Starring as a young prosecutor in Fracture (2007), opposite Anthony Hopkins. He then went on to star as a shy man who forms an attachment to a doll in the offbeat comedy Lars and the Real Girl (2007).

As his career developed, it became clear the star had an impressive range.

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But, he also gained attention for something else entirely... his looks.

The star has gone on to become one of Hollywood's biggest heartthrobs...

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Safe to say, fans gush over him.

From rom-coms to crime dramas...

Ryan really does seem to be able to do it all.

Not to mention his philanthropic efforts...

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The star has worked to promote several important causes throughout his time in the limelight, including AIDS research, poverty relief, and the humane treatment of animals.

But, in recent years, fans have noticed something strange...

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The once prolific Hollywood figure seems to have disappeared.

His last big-screen project was 2 years ago now...

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And fans have a lot of questions, starting with: why?!

Well, it seems this was entirely Ryan's choice.

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As the star had previously revealed he was taking a break from acting and would be declining leading roles.

"There's a lot of pressure to be the lead of a film," he revealed to the Guardian in 2013.

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"I have done it. It's not my favorite way to work."

And that's not all...

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His wife, Eva Mendez has also seemingly disappeared from Hollywood.

The star hasn't been in a movie since 2014...

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Responding to a fan's comment on her Instagram post, Eva explained the reason behind her long hiatus.

It looks like she's chosen to prioritize her family, first and foremost.

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"As a mother now, there are many roles I won't do. There are many subject matters that I don't want to be involved with, so it limits my choices and I'm fine with that. I have to set an example for my girls now," Mendes wrote.

Eva and Ryan's daughters, Esmeralda, 5, and Amada Lee, 3, were born in 2014 and 2016.

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Ever since, Eva has been completely devoted to them, and it's clear they are her first priority.

This could also shed some light on Ryan's acting break.

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Perhaps he too wanted to focus on his kids more.

So, there you have it.

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