Home Depot Is Selling a Giant Dragon That Breathes Fog for Halloween

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Halloween is creeping around the corner, and after the year we’ve had you’d better believe we’re throwing down the best socially distanced party you could imagine.

Luckily for you, Home Depot has come to the rescue with the ghouliest of decorations that you’re bound to keep up all year round…

You’re gonna want to see these…

And despite nothing being scarier than 2020, it’s a chance for us all to take the night off and swap our everyday masks for something a little more ghoulish.

Alongside pumpkin picking and scouring the internet for a costume, there’s also the big task of ensuring you scare the living daylights out of passers-by.

And let’s face it, we all want to one-up our neighbors.

It can even stop you from getting fully excited about the spooky holiday.

Selling trinkets and knick-knacks to rival the most hard-core Halloweeners.

As well as being there for all your DIY needs, now they’re also offering some of the best Halloween props on the market.

Ensuring you have the creepiest party imaginable.

Being able to order products and essentials online during lockdown has been incredibly useful.

As all-of-a-sudden days on end were being spent indoors.

There has been an increase in demand for products that enhance our living situation.

Check out their craziest home accents below…

If this doesn’t scream ‘I have more money than sense,’ I don’t know what does. I love it.

If you’re sick of the neighbors’ kids kicking their ball into your yard, this should be a staple.

Can it really be Halloween without Tim Burton?  

If you live in an apartment, but still want to get on board with the festivities, why not get yourself a creepy pet?

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, why not go for this iconic sign. This is definitely my favorite.

And as all these products suggest, you can still have a great time while holidaying from home.

Home Depot’s latest masterpiece is selling out as we speak, and it’s not hard to see why…

This animated dragon has the most amazing detail and even releases fog from its mouth like smoke!  

Stephen, a Home Depot customer gave his review of the creature: “Imagine the oohs and awwws that you’ll hear when trick-or-treaters of all ages come upon your house and see this 69 inch tall dragon with loud roars! It’s quite a sight! This animated giant dragon was very easy to put together and disassemble because the flanges on the legs and arms were clearly marked and attached easily; just align the pieces together and twist. Great for the family to help create a unique Halloween experience.”

The mouth has a special mechanism that allows it to move, releasing an eerie fog when attached to a fogging machine.

It is so realistic! And clearly there’s a lot of assembly for this big guy. But he’s definitely worth it.

Giant Dragon from Home Depot for $399! Although it may seem a little pricey, there’s no doubt you’ll be the envy of the block.

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