19 Home Renovation Fails That Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry | 22 Words
the entrance to the mine in the living room interior. 3d rendering illustration concept

If you build it, they will come.

But if you build it poorly, everything will come crashing down.

Those are the wise words that the people behind these construction fails probably should have heard before undertaking any of the following projects.

What were these amateur contractors thinking?!

Something tells me this isn't going to cool anyone down very effectively.

But you have to admit it's pretty fun to watch!

This is the kind of driveway you should get it your cars needs a headstart getting up to speed.

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Good luck getting back up it, though.

Is this some kind of modern art installation? Does it represent the futility of man or something?

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That's the only explanation I'm willing to accept at this time.

And you thought bricks were supposed to be stacked in straight lines only!

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Joke's on you! And now for a balcony that boggles the mind...

Hey, at least you have a balcony!

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Sure, you can never access it, but it's there.

Well, this is... um, intimate.

If you're considering adding another bathroom to home in order to increase its value and this is the only solution you've come up with, let me make a suggestion: DON'T.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this handrail...

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...unless you like your handrails to be used for support. Or aesthetic purposes.

Say what you will about this situation, but I kind of admire their ingenuity.

I wouldn't want to emulate it, but I can admire it. From afar.

Oh, didn't you hear? This is the new toilet fad! It's all the rage these days. All the cool toilets are doing it.

Here's another amazing toilet setup...

Treat yourself to a footbath while doing your business!

The world might not be ready for this design yet, but someday it will be.

I don't think this is what the listing meant when it said there was a "half bath" on the first floor...

But I guess they're not technically incorrect.

You see the invention of a person who has gone off the deep end, but that's not what I see...

I see an opportunity. Why aren't there more toilets with armrests?

You know those times when you're going up the stairs and realize you're low on phone battery?

Now, you can sit right down and charge your phone up mid-step!

Don't waste your money shelling out for those fancy ceiling fans.

All you really need is a ceiling...and a fan. This next one combines electricity AND a toilet!

I...just...what?! I have so many questions.

Don't have the proper tools necessary for the job? No problem!

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Hot glue will do the trick*! *Note: Hot glue will not do the trick.

Is this a horrible construction failure, or a garage designed specifically for flying cars?

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You be the judge!

Did they put a window in front of a chimney, or a chimney in front of a window?

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I honestly can't decide which option is worse.

Do you know how many construction workers it took to make this happen? About tree.

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