Homeless Man Bursts Into Tears After Strangers Raise $15,000 to Put a Roof Over His Head

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There has been a surge in homelessness across the country, with thousands being unable to afford food or shelter.

But this week, one vlogger has changed the life of a homeless man forever…

The heartwarming video comes from TikTok.

As one vlogger has given a homeless man a new start in life.

Keep scrolling for the emotional video…

Sadly, homelessness has been on the rise for over a decade.

With the current economic climate making it harder for people to keep up with their rent, the issue is getting out of hand.

Judging by the rate of inflation, the younger generation won’t be able to own their own home in their lifetime.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Annual Homeless Assessment Report, in 2018, on a given night, there were over 553,000 homeless people in the United States. And that was only on that one night.

National reports have shown that over 2 percent of the world’s population is homeless – if that had to be converted into a solid figure, it would range between 150-160 million people.

That equates to almost 1.6 billion people.

And it’s easy to brand them as lazy or idle, but when the current job sector is already overflowing with candidates, it becomes a more difficult task trying to get on the ladder.

And one viral video is proving just that…

A rough sleeper was brought to tears when he found out strangers had donated $15,000.

via TikTok

Forty-six-year-old Mike met vlogger Phillip Vu when he offered to clean his car.

After initially declining, Phillip invited Mike over to talk, and the pair quickly became friends.

via TikTok

Phillip recorded all their conversations to share with his followers online.

Strangers loved Mike’s straight-forward attitude and asked Phillip if they could set up a GoFundMe for him.

via TikTok

In a matter of days, thousands were raised for Mike, and Phillip had the amazing job of telling him.

He revealed the online fundraiser total to him…

Recording Mike’s incredible reaction.

And people are loving his heartwarming response…

Phillip, who is currently on a road trip and living in his car himself, said: “That was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life.

via TikTok

“When I set off on this journey eight months ago when I left home to live out my car and make videos, years in the future my dream was to give a person who deserves it a lump sum of money and change their life.
“I never could’ve imagined only eight months later I would have achieved that.
“We can fix homeless in the US because a life was changed with just $17,000 – we can make a difference in these peoples lives.”

Phillip had been living out of his car for the past 8 months, after quitting his job to go traveling. 

via TikTok

He met Mike after stopping over on a drive to New York when he offered to clean his windows on January 31.

It was -10C and Phillip initially turned down his request, but after seeing him alone outside for thirty minutes, Phillip bought him a sandwich.

via TikTok

He invited Mike to take part in one of his daily vlogs.

And quickly found out they had more in common than they originally thought…

via TikTok

Phillip said: “I thought we were two sides from a different coin.
“We both came from struggling backgrounds and at some point, I decided to reconnect with my family and he didn’t – we saw commonalities until that split.
“I was like living my dreams, and he told me his dream was to go traveling one day.
“He’s been fending for his life and trying to support his girlfriend and I’m living out my car for leisure.”

Mike admitted he’d lost contact with his family after his father died…

via TikTok

And also shared that he’d been to prison a number of times.

But after his mother died last year, he wanted to “make money honestly,” which is why he started cleaning cars.

via TikTok

Phillip confided that his dad also passed away when he was young, and he’d just decided to quit his job to travel.

Phillip said: “We have both experienced loss and we just bonded on that.

via TikTok

“I was talking about family, where we’re from, and how we both ended up in that situation.”

Phillip published their heart-to-hearts to his TikTok and YouTube accounts…

via TikTok

They quickly racked up nearly 3 million views!

Check out the video below…

Mike is currently getting his social security number, and has applied for low-income housing!
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