Homeless Single Father Brought to Tears After Stranger Donated $35,000

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A homeless, single father was been brought to tears by the kindness of strangers…


James Moss has been swamped with donations following a video appearance and a chance encounter with motivational speaker, Leon Logothetis. 

Moss met Logothetis, who was on a tour to spread kindness as part of the worldwide movement, #GoBeKind, and opened up about his story.


Moss moved from New York to Denver with his 1-year-old son, Zhi, after receiving a job opportunity.

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However, the job opportunity and his accommodation fell through, meaning Moss was forced to live on the streets while looking for shelter, the Independent reports.


The outlet also added that while sharing his story with Logothetis, Moss said: “Everything I do is for him.”

“The reason I made this move is for him. To be in a peaceful place, the mountains, I want him to experience things that I missed growing up.”


As a thank you for sharing his story, Logothetis gave Moss $1,000 and paid for him to have a 7 night hotel stay.

But, after the video was posted to YouTube, Moss received a substantial amount more in donations…


A GoFundMe page was sent up for Moss which saw donations totaling $56, 560.

Moss’ life has now changed for the better as he and his son have been able to move out of a homeless shelter and he has a new job where his boss allows him to bring Zhi into work until he can afford daycare. He also plans to use the money to buy a car.

See what a little bit of kindness can do?