Hooters Waitress Left in Tears by Customer’s Rude Message on Receipt

A Hooters waitress took to TikTok to reveal the time some customers left her in tears after writing a rude message on their receipt.

Now, rude customers can be found everywhere, right? But that doesn’t mean they’re easy to deal with.

Keylamxo recently took to TikTok to discuss what a group of customers did to make her cry while she was working her shift at Hooters.

Posting the story time to the video-sharing platform, she said this:


Reply to @ashley.reyanne she asked her daughter alyssa to lend her $$ šŸ˜©šŸ˜‚ in front of me #hootersgirl #customerservice #fyp #brokebitch

ā™¬ original sound – keylamxo

“Here’s one of the many times that a customer made me cry while I worked at Hooters,” she began in the video, which, admittedly, isn’t a good start.

A girl who the waitress went to high school with came into the restaurant with her family to celebrate her dad’s birthday and the girl’s mom told Keylamxo that they were going to be drinking a lot that day.

But, by the time the bill came in, the mom wasn’t all too happy.

“When the mom asked for the check, she was like ‘If you would have told me the tab was this high, maybe you would have gotten a tip.'”

“Like ma’am, I just work here, I am not pocket watching, I do not know how much is in your bank account, maybe you shouldn’t go out to eat if you couldn’t f******* afford to,” she continued.

And, what the customer did next will shock you.

Or not, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of being a server.

According to the waitress, the customer knocked over the glasses on the table, poured ketchup all over the table, and left her a little message on the receipt.

“F*** you,” the message read in the signature box.

And the not-so-charming message was accompanied by a drawing of a hand, sticking a middle finger up. Lovely.

People were left angry to hear she was treated so badly…

via TikTok

The family definitely took it too far. Let’s hope they’ve never done that to anyone else.