People Share the Horrible Things That Everyone Seems to Think Are Actually Great

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There are plenty of things that we can all agree are wonderful. Puppies, chocolate, extra money, and even Disneyland– those aren’t up for debate. They’re wonderful, and everyone thinks they’re wonderful, and everyone is right.

There are other things that seem wonderful at first glance but are actually bad. So why has our society decided these are good? A recent AskReddit thread asked people to share the things they thought were horrible, even though most people tend to praise them. Their answers were so dang true, they are sure to resonate with you in some way.

How many of these things are you guilty of praising too highly?

Have a cold? Keep it to yourself.

“Soldiering on” through a cold and getting everyone else sick in the process. Not super horrible but bad overall.Grombo

Practice makes perfect!

Your “natural talent” when you’ve practiced really hard at something. Especially as a kid, this encourages you to just think people are born with their skills and discourages you from practicing things you’re not good at.AmericanPolyglot

Almost everyone can relate to this one:

Sacrificing for your job. Maybe you’re lucky, maybe your job fills you with joy and a sense of accomplishment, but for most people, a job is a price you pay to live comfortably. There’s nothing noble or heroic about sacrificing personal relationships, happiness or free time for an employer.DarkhallPHD

We all could use a vacation.

Not taking time off. In the USA it’s shameful how many companies do not offer employees vacation time or adequate time off. No one should work 6-7 days a week for 8 hours a day or more and be expected to keep that pace for 52 weeks out of the year. 1 week unpaid vacation is not enough time to get a real break from work. It’s absolutely awful how people are treated here.tL1ght

No recognition for your work.

Working “extra” time as a teacher just to get your work done because you’re “doing it for the kids.” We all know it’s not extra. It’s just time you refuse to pay us for.ywnktiakh

This is a good way to lose friends.

“I’m starting my own business!” No, you’re not Karen, you are trying to sign up your friends for a pyramid scheme.noreallyitstrue_

Being busy is not always a good thing.

Being busy and stressed at work. Sometimes it felt as though this is seen as a sign of “being successful” yet it is quite horrible.macademiaa

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Those videos of people giving to the homeless. They exploit a random person on the street for likes and comments and then have the cheek to guilt trip people who don’t give money to a homeless person on the street. If you really want to help, donate to a local charity and don’t show off.joc95

No everyone is made to be a parent.

Having children despite your inability to actually be able to currently take care of them.AisForAbsurd

Becoming a night owl.

Not sleeping/staying up late. I don’t know what middle school me was thinking.leavesofgrace

It’s the quiet ones you have to worry about.

Kids who are quiet and seen as “more mature.” I was always praised as being so well behaved but didn’t develop people skills or the ability to speak for myself until much later because of it. Even now, at 23, I’m still playing catch up and learning to find my voice.TheAxrat

More time spend and more work down does not always lead to good grades.

Kids doing hours of homework each night.TheShadowCat

Can I get an applause for the ladies in the back?

Expensive, larger than necessary weddings/receptions. Believe it or not, spending $50+ per plate of food on 100+ guests (many of which may not even be close family/friends) is just entirely superfluous and unnecessary. Nobody is going to remember what the overpriced flower arrangements looked like or how the smoked tilapia tasted. It should be a joyous occasion to celebrate with those that matter most. Instead, it’s often a bucket of stress and financial gymnastics. The best wedding I’ve ever been to was in my sister’s backyard followed by live music and a carne asada truck for catering food. I’ll remember sitting around a fire pit talking with my uncles and cousins for years to come. Conversely, I’ll also remember watching my parents stress over helping one of my other sister’s front some of the expenses for her huge wedding over a 12-month span.Pisto1Peet

That’s not what real friends do.

“Friends” that encourage cheating or lying in a relationship. “Yeah girl do you, you’re not happy so who cares if you sleep with other people? Maybe he’ll be better for you and you won’t have to be single when you break up with so and so!”AFoxNamedHank

Why does being open-minded seem overrated these days?

People have a tendency to praise their own belief/tribe/party/lifestyle without taking a step back and giving consideration to new ideas.chumbooo

The deals are never that good.

Black Friday shopping. Sure the deals can be great, but with everybody running around screaming and shoving their ways in and out of outlet stores? Not worth it. I’ll go with saving the most money here — by staying home!Youreverydaybae

Most parents probably feel this way.

Other people’s children. I really only like my own.rywyche

This one hits a little too close to home.

Expecting college students to go into massive debt or pay everything in their own without any help or support from their family. Even if it means never coming home to visit their family.krrazyqwerty

We’ve all been star-struck before.

Celebrities. I want to preface by saying that I don’t think it’s completely “horrible,” but I don’t agree with the degree to which American society holds its celebrities, whether it be a movie, sports, or musical artists. In every outlet, the amount of focus on them is too much, and the amount of influence they have over people’s viewpoints, while not necessarily having the credibility, is absurd. Just because they’re famous, rich, and beautiful doesn’t make them an authority on everything. The fact that a B-list celebrity like Jenny McCarthy had enough influence to help push forward the anti-vax movement dumbfounds me. The fact that the Kardashian family would be considered some of the strongest influences in the media today is ridiculous.sshomerjsimpson

The true meaning of financial stability.

While it isn’t inherently bad, a FICO score. People tend to think that their score is an indicator of good personal finances when really it isn’t. I used to instruct a personal finance class and I had students who would brag about their FICO score like it’s something to be proud of while simultaneously making some of the worst financial decisions I’ve ever encountered.AgentSkidMarks

It’s time to rethink that Christmas puppy.

Giving people pets as a gift. It sounds like such a nice gesture, especially if that person just lost a pet, but you are just forcing this huge responsibility on someone and it could be something they didn’t want at all.-eDgAR-

It’s nothing like the movies.

Sex on the beach. You have this whole fantasy about how romantic and thrilling it would be, but it’s not great. Getting sand in places you’d rather not have it in is not fun. I’ll throw shower sex into this as well, instead of being intimate and hot, it’s usually awkward and stressful as you struggle not to lose your balance.-eDgAR-

Mutts are the best, anyway.

Designer dogs. They’re mutts. You don’t need to pay $2500 for it! Go down to your local humane society and rescue something. You’ll get the same thing already fixed, with full vaccinations, and likely microchipped.flecksable_flyer

What is it good for?

War. Some people praise or talk about it like it’s amazing rather than hell for all involved.apple_kicks

Flexibility is key.

A 9-5 schedule. The world seems to revolve around the office day. 9 to 5 just seems like the worst of both first and second shift combined: You don’t get to sleep in and everything starts to close as soon as you are leaving work. Give me either 6-2 or 3-11 with a few days off every week and I’d be happy.JessMadeline

Stop telling me that I’m “glowing!”

Being pregnant is hard. There are so many aches and pains, it changes your body permanently, and sometimes it can nearly (and sometimes does) kill you. Everyone portrays it as this beautiful, magical time where you are glowing and healthy and fabulous, but the truth is that it’s a major drain on your body both physically and mentally.CheerFairy

It’s not a substitute for an actual personality.

Smoking marijuana. Like, the act of doing it, not the marijuana itself. Yeah, you can be “the stoner dude,” but if your whole personality is the use of drugs then you’re not really that interesting…Nineflames12

Binge drinking to seem cool.

Excessive alcohol consumption. Craft beers are a neat little hobby, and mom needs her wine to chill out. The pressure to drink is always there, in ads, social groups, etc.caleb48kb

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Vloggers. Now I know that a lot of people hate vloggers but some vloggers have millions and millions of subscribers so they’re obviously loved by some. I just don’t understand the appeal of watching a 10-minute video of a person going about there day doing nothing interesting.gauaesnatuz

I feel this one in my bones.

Being so busy. Being busy has become glorified as some kind of virtue. It’s ridiculous. I’ve been part of group conversations with other moms in my kids’ classes all trying to outdo each other with all the busy busy busy. And then they look at me like, so what are all your kids’ activities and lessons and clubs and groups? Um. None. They are 4 and 6. They go to school, they play outside, they do their homework, we eat supper together at the table and they are in bed by 7:00 PM every night. On weekends we go out as a family to museums or nature parks. They often have birthday parties to attend, and that’s as much “busy” as I’m willing to have in my life.Seraphym100