Horrific Moment Fairground Bungee Ride Goes Wrong and Catapults Teen 20ft in the Air

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Horrifying footage has emerged from Kazakhstan this week of a young boy being flung from a malfunctioning bungee ride.

The incident, which happened at a fairground last Thursday, was caught on camera and quickly went viral.

Keep scrolling to see the shocking footage, and to hear the extent of the teenager’s injuries…

Funfairs are supposed to be a place of, well… Fun.

It says it in the name, for goodness sake!

What’s not to love about them, seriously?

Retro games, performers, an endless supply of candy and other sweet treats…

Oh, and there are always plenty of rides.

It’s what most people flock to the fairground for – The rides and the rollercoasters.

Despite the substantial safety risks this kind of experience brings with it.

It’s the dreaded bungee.

Being strapped into 2 elastic strings that hurl you, sometimes hundreds of feet, into the air? It’s a no from me.

Or being flung out of your harness while you’re plummeting into the sky – It’s everyone’s worst nightmare.

A thirteen-year-old boy from Kazakhstan was riding a bungee ride at the Kok Tobe recreation area in Almaty last week when disaster struck.

And subsequently hurled the young boy from the safety harness and straight into the air.

But the teen suffered some pretty severe injuries as a result of his fall.

The young boy can be seen being secured into the harness. So far, so good.

As the bungee is activated, it is promptly evident that the teen hasn’t been fastened in properly, as his body instantly hurtles away from the ride.

And is hurled around twenty foot into the air in front of a crowd of horrified onlookers.

And the speed in which he travels is simply sickening.

But continues to ascend even further.

And lands harshly on the ground at a tremendous speed.

And evidently in shock. But, gradually, people begin running towards the youngster, who is now lying motionless on the ground.

And, though he is in a stable condition, he suffered some pretty serious injuries. Abai Kusainov, head physician of the Center for Children’s Emergency Care, told reporters: “After the examination, our doctors diagnosed the boy with a fracture of four lumbar vertebrae, a fracture of the left radial bone with an offset, fractures of both ankles and of the left lower leg, a fracture of the talus of the left foot with a displacement.”

According to local police, the young teen suffered the fall off the ride “by his own negligence and his parents have no complaints against the park administration.” You can watch the horrifying incident above, though be warned: The footage is incredibly distressing. In this instance, it was a miracle that no one was more seriously injured. However, it isn’t always the case. Keep scrolling to read about a different ride malfunction, which ultimately took 2 lives…