Hospital Has an Amazing Tradition of Sending Babies Home in Stockings at Christmas

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This is definitely the cutest thing you’ll see this Christmas time!

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And we’re all starting to feel that festive spirit!

But believe it or not, the festive season is actually very popular for the birth of babies!

Every year, so many babies are born in December…

And if they’re special enough, some are even born on Christmas day!

Of course, not everyone likes the idea of being born on Christmas day…

But nevertheless, every baby born is a miracle.

Which is why the good people at the Children’s Methodist Hospital in Texas always decide to make a special fuss over them.

And people from far and wide absolutely love this little Christmas tradition, with many having experienced it themselves!

So in their own unique way each year, the hospital celebrates the Christmas newborns by dressing them in little stockings. The volunteers then line the babies up to make a sweet Christmas formation.

While placing the babies in their Christmas stockings might sound like an easy task, when you’re managing a group of Christmas babies it can be quite the job!

Once all the babies are lined up, they form a Christmas tree design (see the footage below!). I hope they made sure that they could remember which baby was which before they started shuffling them around!

Simply adorable.

Then keep scrolling. They are simply adorable…