Separation anxiety can be difficult for both moms and babies after giving birth, so one hospital in Australia decided to come up with a way to combat this... And people are loving it.

For new moms, and moms in general, separation anxiety is a difficult thing to go through...

Leaving our children is hard, although it's a necessary part of life.

Parting with them can often make moms feel lost.

I mean, we have been holding them for 9 months, after all.

This is especially true for a brand new mom...

And there can be an overwhelming feeling of guilt when being briefly separated from their baby.

That's why one hospital has decided to create new beds in their maternity ward...

And moms everywhere have shared their thoughts on the inventive idea.

Mom's everywhere have experienced this...

After giving birth, there's nothing you want to do more than just hold your baby.

But babies are often taken away to sleep separately, giving moms their much-needed rest.

It can be tough as separation anxiety is heightened in the first few days after birth.

That's what makes this new maternity bed setup pretty interesting.

Australian pregnancy site, BellyBelly, posted a picture of one new mom in bed with her baby.

The new design could be groundbreaking for maternity wards everywhere.

The bed is designed to give mom and baby their space, while also keeping baby close by.

The design allows the bassinet to attach to the side of the main bed frame...

So there is no risk that mom will roll onto the baby's section.

This is great news for moms who have had C-sections and can't leave bed to see their baby.

"Would you like to see beds like this in all maternity hospitals? What a great help for C-section mammas too, but most of all, keeping ALL mothers closer to their babies after birth," BellyBelly posted alongside the photo.

We can't wait to see these beds introduced to U.S. maternity wards!

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