19 Hot-Weather Hacks to Help You Make it Through the Summer | 22 Words

Summer is officially here.

You know what that means, right?

It's HOT.

Really, really hot. But don't worry! We've collected some of the most brilliant hot-weather hacks to help you keep cool! Give them a try!

Make a cooling mist.

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Add a few drops of peppermint extract to a spray bottle full of water. When you're feeling hot, mist yourself with it! The mint will make you feel extra cool as the water evaporates (kinda like how mint gum makes water feel colder when you drink it).

Make a slushie!

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All this time you've been drinking Capri Suns and didn't even realize they could be frozen into a slushie! Better get on that!

DIY sprinkler:

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Don't have a sprinkler head? No problem. Attach a 2-liter bottle to the end of your garden hose, poke some holes in it, and voila! Now you do have a sprinkler head!

No air conditioner?

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You can make your own in a pinch! Put a glass of ice water (or a bottle of water that you've frozen) in front of a fan. It will create a cool breeze! You're gonna want to keep this next hack in mind for sunburns.

Aloe ice cubes:

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You probably already know how soothing aloe vera feels on a sunburn, but think of how much better it will feel when you start freezing the aloe first! Genius!

And while we're freezing things...

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Store your freezer pops like this so that they're always easy to open! So that's what that rack in the freezer is for.

DIY ice pack:

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You can make your own ice pack by soaking a sponge in water, putting it in a storage bag, and freezing it. As it melts, the water stays inside the bag instead of dripping all over the place.

Floating drink cooler:

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Keep your summer beverages close as you enjoy some pool time! All you have to do is cut some pool noodles to length and secure them around the lip of a plastic tub.

Remember that last Capri Sun hack?

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This one might be even better. Mix yourself up some summery cocktails and put them zippered bags. All you need is a straw, and you've got yourself a grown-up Capri Sun! This next hack is the first of three that use pantyliners. Intrigued? Read on.

Sweaty feet?

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You can put pantyliners at the bottom of your shoe to soak up any excess sweat. Is it a little weird? Yes. But it's also very clever!

Dunk your wrist in cold water!

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The idea behind this hack is that since the veins in your wrist are so close to the surface of your skin, the cool water will bring your whole body temperature down. It's worth giving a try!

Make a swamp cooler:

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This is slightly more high-tech than the other DIY A/C solution, but people swear by it! (Plus, it'll only cost you about 20 bucks.) You can find step-by-step instructions HERE.

For anyone who hates getting into a hot car:

Which is everyone, right? The fastest way to cool down your car is to roll down the passenger side window and quickly open and close the driver's side door. You're essentially creating a low-pressure area that sucks the hot air out of the car. It really works!

More pantyliners!

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Hey, if they work for foot sweat, they can work for pit sweat. Attach a liner to the armpits of your clothes for an extra layer of protection. And now for pantyliner hack No. 3!

Yup! Use 'em in your bra!

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Look. Nobody likes dealing with boob sweat. Here's a way you can hopefully avoid it.

Deodorant: Not just for armpits.

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When your feet get hot, they may tend to slip around in your shoes, causing blisters. Apply a thin layer of deodorant to reduce slippage.

When life hands you lemons...

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Slice 'em up and stick them in the freezer! You can use them to keep your drinks cold. Like ice. But more fun.

Two-ingredient ice cream!

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All you need for this "recipe" is a few frozen bananas and some mini chocolate chips. Blend the bananas up, add the chocolate chips, and you have ice cream. Yep. It's that easy. Bananas, right?

Finally, keep your lotion in your fridge!

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You can apply it throughout the day to feel some refreshing coolness. Share this with someone who needs help beating the heat this summer!