These Are the Hotels With the Best Amenities, so Get Ready to Book Your Stay | 22 Words

Are you like me? Do you get excited to see the hotel you're staying in every time you travel? It is so fun to explore a new city while staying in a cool, uniquely designed place. I'm serious, some hotels are really cool. Especially the ones on this list. All the hotels highlighted here are busy living in 3018 while we are stuck in 2018.

They have insanely awesome amenities that solve problems you didn't even know you had and offer services that you would have never thought up on your own– but that undoubtedly make your hotel stay more luxurious. I am talking about heated mirrors, mirrors with TVs in them, and mirrors that can tell you the weather.

This list is also full of other non-mirror-related hotel details that will make your eyes go wide. So come along, take a trip with me!

Sometimes, you walk into a hotel and you are in awe at what you see.

To be fair, most of these jaw-dropping hotels are a little more special than the one in this Borat GIF. Here are some of the coolest hotels we could find.

Days of the week

How brilliant is this? When you travel, especially to different time zones, it can be super difficult to keep track of the days. This hotel does it for you!

Shower beer

All hail the hotel with the fridge full of shower beer in the bathroom. This hotel knows what's up.

Clock on all sides

Now, you don't have to strain your neck or reach over and grab the clock. This avoids you accidentally hit a bunch of buttons in order to see the time from the bed.

Bedtime stories

Dial 68 to hear bedtime stories! I love this. I bet it's an automated service, but it would be extra great if it was a real person who picked up the phone and made up a story on the spot.

Housekeeping robot

This is pretty amazing! Even though it seems like it might be stealing jobs from actual people, it is a great device for those embarrassing moments, like this toilet paper emergency.

Weather mirror

This mirror in the hallway of this hotel tells you what the weather is like. I bet a lot of people who stay in this hotel are very prepared when they step outside.

Raptor concierges

This hotel has dinosaurs working its front desk. If I learned anything from Jurassic Park, it's that raptors are highly intelligent creatures, so I'd feel like I was in good hands.

Shower temperature

Every shower should have this! You should know exactly how hot you're making your shower water. It's amazingly clear.

A Goldfish friend

If you are traveling alone, that can be lonely! Luckily, this hotels lets you rent a goldfish to have a companion in your hotel room.

Static-free elevator ride

This pad that you can tap to prevent static electricity is brilliant and I wish I could carry one with me wherever I go. Static electricity is always a shock.

Emergency toilet

No joke, one of my greatest fears is being stuck in an elevator and having to go to the bathroom. This elevator has an emergency toilet! While it would be embarrassing to pee right in front of other people, it wouldn't be as embarrassing as peeing your pants.


There is always that nasty sliver of bright light between the curtains in a hotel. This is a genius invention. I want to kiss whoever invented this on the mouth.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse

You've got to love a hotel that tries to prepare their guests for every eventuality. When I'm in a strange town, I need to know what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Pillow menu

This is like heaven for Goldilocks! This hotel has a whole menu of pillows for you to choose from so you can have the most comfortable night's sleep possible.

Hello chairs

The chairs in this hotel lobby spell out the word hello! How cool is that? I think I would sit on the O. It looks like it has great support.

Free drinks

If you give up a room cleaning, therefore saving water and other supplies, this hotel will give you a voucher for a free drink in their bar! No, that's an amazing idea.

Fresh remote

Hotel remote controls are notoriously filthy objects. But this hotel cleans them and makes sure you know you are getting a clean remote.

Digital peephole

Peepholes are weird and tiny and you have to touch your eyeball to it to see what's going on outside. But this digital peephole is way better!

Urinal in the shower

You don't have to feel ashamed for peeing in the shower ever again, guys! This hotel puts the urinal right in the shower. Multitasking is where it's at.

Stolen sandals

Hotels know you are going to steal the toiletries and other small items. This hotel decided to be very clear about it.

Courtesy shower hole

This is amazing! Because of this hole in the glass, you don't have to open the whole door and step into the shower to turn it on, risking splashing yourself with icy cold shower water.

Shot of caffeine

I think every hotel everywhere should offer you a shot of caffeine when you arrive. Even if you only drove a few hours to get there, you're most likely exhausted.

Rope lights

This rope turns on or off all the lights in the room, which is amazing both at night and in the morning– when you want the lights on but you don't remember where any of the switches are.

Free phone

This is a brilliant idea! A free phone to take with you for the day is especially helpful when you're traveling abroad and trying to save your data.

Mirror TV

This bathroom mirror has a TV in it so you don't have to miss a second of entertainment even when you're doing your business. Now, that's what I call luxury.

The Constitution

This hotel provides a copy of the U.S. Constitution instead of a bible, which makes so much more sense since the U.S. is not a Christian nation!

Custom smells

I never even thought about the possibility of being able to choose what your hotel room smells like. I can already tell I'm going to be thinking about this a lot.

Heated mirror

How genius is this? This section of the mirror is heated so it won't steam up while you're in the shower. All mirrors should have this technology.

Make-up towel

I love how this hotel recognizes that you will use their towels to remove your makeup, so they give you one for that specific purpose. Share this with someone you love to travel with!