Have the short, cold days of winter or the imminent state of global apocalypse got you down? Do you feel like the only cure for your winter/looming apocalypse blues are videos of small, furry creatures with hands like tiny humans and masks like little bandits? You're not alone.

The biggest Twitter account right now isn't Kim Kardashian's handle – where she often tweets about whatever weird weight loss shake she's into right now. It's not totally relatable memes about how you still don't have a boyfriend. It's not even dogs. (Ok, let's be real, dogs are also huge).

Once a mostly forgotten woodland creature with a bad reputation for stealing garbage, raccoons are now totally in. And this Twitter account is just endless videos of them doing their thing. It's soothing. It's adorable. It's very 2019 that it has more followers than many celebrities. It's raccoons.

Do you want to watch video after video of raccoons for the next 30 minutes?

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Great, you've clicked on the right article.

For years, racoons have been unfairly painted as pests, when in reality they are perfect and adorable.

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Some people even use the slur "trash bandits" to refer to these remarkable creatures (Sorry if I have offended you with that foul language.)

But finally, thanks to the Internet, raccoons lovers from around the world can come together to celebrate these creatures.

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So what if they eat garbage? What's so great about what you eat? While you're paying $5.50 for a juniper latte, raccoons are in your garbage, pulling out five-day-old apple cores for free. Get that bread, raccoons. Literally, there's half a stale loaf of sourdough in that garbage bin.

This Twitter account just gets your need to see raccoons right this minute.

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Here are some of the best raccoon videos they've curated.

This raccoon is on a leash.

And he is loving his romp in this field.

This raccoon is playing with a dog toy!

And she loves it! Also I love her.

She loves to play!

Look at that belly. Can you even handle it?

They are hungry.

And drink out of bottles with their tiny hands.

This video is actual art.

It should play on loop in the Louvre.

What a nimble boy.

American Raccoon Ninja Warrior champion. I'm telling you now – this is the next big hit.

What a good snake.

Why is he doing this? Nobody knows, but it is still good that he is doing it.

Very industrious.

He looks so cute with his tiny little hands.

Ok, these videos are great.

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But let's take a break for a minute to discuss the Famous Raccoons of Instagram. Because raccoons aren't just on Twitter. There are multiple raccoons Instagram influencers that you should probably know about.

Pumpkin the Raccoon is probably the most famous Instaraccoon.

Pumpkin lives in the Bahamas with her owners and her two dog siblings. And her life is beautiful.

Pumpkin's life is more luxurious than yours.

But she deserves it.

Meko the raccoon lives in Oregon and he goes on adventures.

What a beauty.

Also he knows how to party!


And then there's Coco.

And the finer things in life.

I'd trust him to be my Lyft driver.

Ok, now that you have a few new friends to follow on Instagram, back to soothing raccoon vids.

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Take a deep breath. The raccoons will guide you.

Is this raccoon running for political office?

I'd vote for them.

Look at this pure beauty and wonder.

Did you know you needed to see a raccoon catching bubbles in order to go no living until this very minute?

What school is this?!


Watch this whole video.

It improves in quality exponentially.

But I guess the question has to be: why are raccoons so big right now?

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With the Internet, we have the technology to see things from all around the world, amazing things we would have never seen before. But apparently what we really want to see the animals that literally live in our backyard. And our attics. And under our porch.

Maybe it's because we always want what we cant have.

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Raccoons have always been so close, and yet so far. You aren't allowed to touch them. But you want to pet their soft ringed tail.

Ok, back to raccoons.

They are very good.

Raccoons love trash and they are not ashamed.

They live for it. And maybe we admire their willingness to truly be themselves.

A raccoon is a friend to all.

And more playful than you might expect.

Do you feel more relaxed?

It's been scientifically proven that watching videos of raccoons lowers your blood pressure. Ok, not scientifically proven but probably true.