Housework has to be one of the biggest issues in a relationship, as this shocking story proves...

Let's be real for a minute...

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Marriage is hard.

A marriage simply won't work without hard work being put into it...

And that applies to both parties involved.

And at the end of the day...

A marriage is so much more than just the big wedding day that so many couples excitedly prepare for.

Marriages involve trust and commitment...

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And they also involve a lot of support for one another.

It's all about compromise...

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Married couples need to help each other out and be there for each other in their day-to-day lives... that's exactly what vows are for!

That, of course, involves the housework...

And it's common knowledge that many married couples find themselves arguing over the uneven housework load between themselves.

All married couples can relate to the frustration of coming home to discover the toilet seat has yet again been left up...


Or that huge pile of laundry still hasn't been done.

Nagging our other halves isn't at all fun...

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But so many of us find that we're doing it every single day without any result.

Well, one couple realized this the hard way.

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After a court ordered a husband to pay his ex-wife for the years of hard work ...

The landmark ruling took place in Beijing.

They ruled the woman was owed 50,000 yuan (more than $7,500).

It's the first ruling in favor of monetary worth for domestic labor by a spouse.

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After filing for divorce in 2018, the wife "requested a division of property and financial compensation on the grounds that her husband did not shoulder domestic and childcare responsibility."

The court ruled in her favor.

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"Housework can improve the ability of the other spouse to achieve personal, individual academic growth, and this is not reflected in the tangible property," said the judge.

Maybe men will start thinking twice?

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Housework ​is ​work!