Houston Mayor Says State Should Pay for Texas' Power Bills | 22 Words

As the people of Texas continue to struggle in freezing conditions and soaring electricity prices, the mayor of Houston has offered some much-needed advice.

Here's the full story...

Now, this news comes after a state-wide outage left millions of people without power.


As the State is battered with unusually cold conditions, millions of Texans have been left without power, electricity, or running water.

It's a truly dire situation...


And people are at a loss as to how to navigate weather conditions that haven't been seen in decades.

According to The Guardian, professionals have noted that the heating of the arctic may be to blame for these crazy changes in the weather down south...


Especially for the snowstorms that have been brutally hitting the people of Texas.

They explained the situation:


"[Experts claim] there is evidence that the rapid heating of the Arctic can help push frigid air from the north pole much further south, possibly to the US-Mexico border."

Things have gotten so bad in the last few weeks that people have been forced to evacuate their homes...


And due to the addition of heavy snowstorms and below-freezing temperatures, many states - in particular Texas - have been left completely powerless in most areas.

FYI, many southern states never see this kind of weather meaning that the majority of houses and buildings aren't equipped for below-freezing temperatures.

And not only that, dozens of deaths have been reported so far...

And, as temperatures continue to fall, this number is sadly expected to rise.

People are doing their best to push through this difficult period...


But with little to no options, some have been forced to make do with what they've got.

Many homes have been left for days without running water...

And people are having to melt the snow from their front yards in order to flush their toilets and wash their hands.

People have been taking to social media to share their new living situations during the unbearable temperatures...

Including Twitch streamer, Edwin Castro, who has been playing video games and streaming in the comfort of his car due to the power cuts.

This Twitter user shared this shocking photo of their fan...

That had literally frozen to the ceiling and had icicles dangling down from it.

And perhaps the most shocking of them all...

This unfortunate mom found her daughter's fish tank completely frozen with the fish trapped inside.

This is something that hasn't been experienced for decades...

And right now, people aren't quite sure what to do.

But, as the storm continues to wreak chaos, people are getting a glimpse of just how bad the aftermath is going to be.


One man from Texas was slapped with a $16,000 electricity bill after a serious spike in prices for those who were lucky enough to have power in their homes.

Scott Willoughby, sixty-three-years, has had to use his entire life savings to pay the fine.


He told the New York Times that this is seventy times more than his usual payment, adding:

"My savings are gone. There's nothing I can do about it, but it's broken me."

And he isn't the only one to experience this harsh reality...


Fellow Texan, DeAndre Upshaw, told CNN that he was hit with a $7,000 bill.

He elaborated on how this has affected him during this crisis:


"While I'm trying to get gas and groceries and make sure that my pipes don't explode, the last thing I'm thinking about is a $7,000 bill from my utility company."

Hundreds of people are seeing the same thing happen to them.


And this is mainly because providers have increased their prices to the maximum allowable amount, but that means that instead of being charged twelve cents per K/H, Texans are now being charged a whopping $9.

And now, in the wake of this news, the mayor of Houston has spoken out.


Sylvester Turner believes that enough is enough and, speaking to CBS News, demanded that the State pays for the soaring bills, not the residents.

He began by stressing the need for plumbing supplies for residents with broken pipes...


Before stating that the events of the past week were "foreseeable" and "preventable."

"Our system in Texas is designed for summer heat and not necessarily a winter event," Turner said. "Climate change is real and these major storms can happen at any time. These systems need to be weatherized... We need to open up the Texas grid."

He then explained that residents shouldn't be responsible for footing the extortionate bills.


"For people getting these exorbitant electricity bills and having to pay to repair their homes, they should not have to bear the responsibility. Those exorbitant costs should be borne by the state of Texas and not the individual customers who did not cause this catastrophe this week."

Very well said, Mayor Turner... But will it actually happen?

Make sure to stay posted on further updates about the ongoing crisis in Texas.