1 in 7 People Can Work Out How Many Holes in This T-Shirt | 22 Words

The internet is well and truly baffled after trying to figure out how many holes are in a T-shirt in a viral picture.

Keep scrolling to see if you can figure it out...

Get your thinking caps ready.

This could take just about every ounce of brain power you have.

A picture of a T-shirt has gone viral as people try to figure out how many holes are in it.

But only 1 in 7 people can get it right. Keep scrolling to see the picture...

But first, here's some brain teasers to get you warmed up.

"I have forests but no trees.

I have lakes but no water.

I have roads but no cars.

What am I?"

Did you guess it?

A map!

"When I'm first said, I'm quite mysterious."

A riddle!

"I have keys without key locks."

A keyboard!

"Which 7-letter word contains dozens of letters?"

...A mailbox.

Now, back to the T-shirt.


This seemingly simple T-shirt has the internet up in arms as they try to count the holes.

Here's the T-shirt in question.

How many do you count?

1 for the head.


2 for the arms.

And the one that seems to catch everyone out...

A hole at the bottom of the t-shirt.

Making the answer 8!

Did you get it right?