12 Quick Riddles That Will Put Your Intelligence to the Test | 22 Words

You probably (certainly?) won't get the answers to all 12 of these riddles, but take a crack at solving the quick head-scratchers.

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They only take a second. You're bound to get a few of them, even if it's just because you've heard them before. How many can you solve?

Sarah, John, and Paul

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If Sarah's not married, then John's looking at an unmarried person. If Sarah IS married then it's Paul who she's looking at and isn't married. Regardless, a married person is looking at someone who's not married. So the answer is A.

Can you solve this one?

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(Rock) & (Roll) M+(ewe)+sick = rock and roll music. Get it?

This seems like way too much math.

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Yo might have reached 5,000, but the answer's 4,100. How quickly did you get it?

Riddle me this!

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Since fish can't really "swim away" from their tank, the answer is still ten.

Check mate!

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Well, you probably assumed that they were playing each other, which isn't' necessarily the case. This one was a little trickier.

Spot the Liar

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Well, doctors don't have to be men, so the easiest explanation is that the three doctors in question were all Robert's sisters.

Can you solve the case?

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You have to get pretty clever with this one. Those numbers correspond to the months June, April, September, October, and November, which spells out "Jason." Boom. You found your killer.

Good luck with this one!

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There are three different correct answers here, and the only way to really get them is trial and error. You've got 51 and 15, 42 and 24, and 60 and (0)6.

Well, which is it?

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If you pass the person in second, you're now the person in second. Someone else is still in first. Kinda sneaky, huh?

Don't be confused by the rhymes!

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Don't let the rhyming scheme throw you off too much. It's a sponge.

I barely ever move... Does that count?

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You're probably thinking of something that moves, but it's actually something that winds through these places. River's close, but they just go down hills, not through them. It's a road.

How is it possible?

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Well, don't take this too literally. She's not really killing him, but just taking and developing a picture of him. She's a photographer.