Ready to travel back in time? I don't have a fancy time machine or magical powers or anything like that, but I do have access to the Internet which sometimes feels like it's pretty much the same thing.

Today, we're traveling to the late '90s and early 2000s. If you were in elementary school around that time, then I've got news for you. I know exactly what your life was like.

OK, maybe not exactly, but I bet I can point out some specific things that you'll recognize. Things you might've forgotten about completely! But I didn't, and neither did the Internet. So, ready for that hit of nostalgia? Then let's take a trip back to our elementary school days and relive some of the most magical memories!

How many of the following things did you forget about until just now?

1. Drooling over the Scholastic Book order form.

from nostalgia
Every once in a while, my parents would tell me I was allowed to choose one book. And I took it very seriously.

2. Rejoicing during the actual Book Fair

from nostalgia
There was nothing more magical than walking into the cafeteria or gym and seeing those bookshelves set up. Was there a new Captain Underpants? (There always was.)

3. Racing to finish these multiplication tests:

from nostalgia
Out of all the stressful minutes I experienced in elementary school, none were more stressful than the 60 seconds I had to complete one of these things. And we did them every day!

4. Learning to "play" the recorder.

from nostalgia
And, consequently, driving your entire family completely nuts as you launched into your twelve-millionth rendition of "Hot Cross Buns."

5. Playing with these pattern blocks:

from nostalgia
I assume they were probably meant to teach something, but all I remember was using them to make fun designs. Is that learning?

6. Collecting gel pens.

from nostalgia
Bonus points if you also had one of those notebooks with black paper specifically for gel pens. Obviously, the milky ones were great, but don't forget about the Gelly Roll Lightnings! Those were my jam.

7. Stepping on these weird sinks to make them work:

from nostalgia
Whoever designed these sinks clearly didn't take into consideration that most kids are significantly lighter than adults. You really had to stomp on that thing!

8. Making a valentine mailbox.

from nostalgia
And making sure to get enough valentines for everyone in the class. And obsessing over which valentine design you were going to give your crush.

9. Crying over this book:

from nostalgia
Poor Old Dan! Poor Little Ann! I have to assume that Wilson Rawls was horribly wronged by a 4th grader at some point in his life and made it his life's mission to make as many 4th graders cry for the rest of time.

10. Banging your ankle on one of these step stools:

from nostalgia
I'm kind of confused about why these stools exist at all. They're not even that tall, they're a pain to maneuver around the stacks, and they're always looking for an unsuspecting ankle to attack. Maybe they were also created by Wilson Rawls.

11. Being excited about Parachute Day

from nostalgia
It was the best day of school! Except for the last day of school.

12. Playing Math Blasters

I remember racing to finish my computer assignments so that I could get some math blasting in. I may have been learning– but it was fun –dang it!

13. Stacking these bingo chips:

from nostalgia
I think that every teacher must just receive a giant bag of these bingo chips whenever they graduate from college. There's no other explanation for why they all have them.

14. And playing with these rubber band things:

from nostalgia
Geoboards! Another thing that I assume was meant to teach me something, but I have no idea what. Perimeter and area, maybe?

15. Doing sweet tricks with your Tech Deck.

from nostalgia
Or, in my case: Wishing that you had a Tech Deck.

16. Eating smiley potatoes.

from nostalgia
Look, potatoes are amazing in all their many forms. Fries. Hashbrowns. Chips. But smiley potatoes are the best potatoes. I'm willing to fight anyone who disagrees with me.

17. Eating your lunch off of one of these plastic trays:

from nostalgia
If you stare at this picture long enough, you'll start to smell that rectangular pizza. You might also start to hear people offering to trade their Goldfish crackers for a bite of it.

18. Selling this wrapping paper:

from nostalgia
The wrapping paper page was always my favorite part of the fundraisers. There were so many fun designs!

19. Struggling to open your milk carton.

from nostalgia
Looks like Wilson Rawls also had a hand in developing these milk cartons. That guy sure kept himself busy, huh?

20. Crushing your finger underneath these scooter wheels:

from nostalgia
Scooter day was another super fun day in gym class. Until you were injured, of course.

21. Playing with Sticky Tack

from nostalgia
Kids in my class would take teeny tiny pieces of the stuff from behind the posters on the wall in order to amass their own blob. I get it– I once asked for the poster putty for my birthday. I didn't even have any posters!

22. Struggling to choose the correct WordArt for your project.

from nostalgia
Which design will perfectly capture the themes I'm going to explore in my Holes book report? Obviously, I can't start writing the report until I've made a decision.

23. Selling these delicious candy bars.

from nostalgia
In my mind, these were the tastiest chocolate bars in the world. Am I just misremembering because they only came around once a year?

24. Spelling "BOOBIES" with your calculator.

from nostalgia
Don't pretend you didn't do this. We all did this.

25. Beaming with pride when you were picked as the line leader.

from nostalgia
It was a very big responsibility! The class would never get to art class without you in the lead.

26. Losing one of these pencil cartridges:

Thereby making the entire utensil entirely useless. I don't know who invented these pencils but I have exactly one guess and it rhymes with Bilson Bawls.

27. Shamefully flipping your card when you misbehaved.

(Or moving your clothespin or whatever.) There was nothing worse.

28. Collecting Box Tops for Education.

from nostalgia
Heads up: These are still a thing! Clip your box tops and donate them to a local elementary school for old times' sake.

29. Drawing this awesome "S" shape:

from nostalgia
Why? Because it was cool. You needed no other reason.

30. Spending hours playing with Kid Pix.

from nostalgia
You haven't lived until you've played with Kid Pix. I can still hear all the different sounds it made. Share this with someone you went to elementary school with!