A doctor has shared the 4 things that those who are vertically-challenged can do to boost their growth, and people are completely blown away...

Because, as all of those on the shorter side will know, growing taller is no easy task.


If, like me, you've always wished for longer legs, you'll know that most growth-boosting hacks tend to be a load of rubbish.

Let's be real, if you're under the 5 and a half feet mark, you've definitely Googled some speedy growing-tips at some stage in your life.


Hanging exercises, plenty of sleep, drinking gallons of milk... You name it, someone is bound to have tried it.

But, sadly, your height is mostly predetermined by your genetics.


Which means that, if you're somewhat on the shorter side, you're simply going to have to embrace it.

Yep, you may always be mistaken for a child...


And you will never have a good view at a concert. Sorry.

But now, a doctor has come forward with his tips on boosting your growth...


And, as stated earlier, short people far and wide are completely blown away.

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler is a Beverly Hills-based eye surgeon with an exquisite social media presence.

The surgeon has amassed tens of thousands of followers on his TikTok and Instagram accounts, where he answers people's medical questions.

The queries vary...

And can range from questions on sleep to wonderings on skin-care and general health-care.

But, when it came to being quizzed on growing tips...

Dr. Boxer Wachler shared the 4 key things that he did that he believes boosted his own growth - he explained that he stands at 6ft 2inches tall, while his parents were only 5ft 7inches and 5ft 5inches tall.

So something must've worked, right?

Keep scrolling to see his tips for yourself...

Reactions to the tips came pouring in...


With many wishing they had seen this video a long time ago.






1. Get plenty of sleep.


Seems like an obvious one, I know, but research has found that getting a good night's sleep can really help with your growth.

Dr. Boxer Wachler recommends between 8-9 hours per night...


Which may be challenging for some of us.

"As a teenager, that's really important because that's when your body releases growth hormones, and that's when you grow."

2. Drink milk.


Again, another cliche.

Dr. Boxer Wachler said that he himself drank "tons of cow milk" as a teenager, as it helps massively with the growth process.


He then added that almond milk won't do the same job - sorry, vegans.

3. Weight lifting.


I know, I wasn't expecting this one either.

But the surgeon explained that lifting weights can help to boost the growth hormones needed to gain significant height...


Resulting in, you guessed it, boosted growth.

4. Maintain a good posture.


No more slouching in your office chairs, folks.

Improving your posture can take a load of pressure off your spine...


Which ultimately helps you to stand taller.

​Thought it might be worth noting that these aren't guarantees. 


Dr. Boxer Wachler explained:

"Doing all these things might not get you to the height you want to achieve, but at least we know from medical studies that these things can help."

And, it might also be worth mentioning...


These hacks are only valid for people who are still growing, so those under the age of eighteen. Sorry.

You can watch Dr. Boxer Wechler's full video below.


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Happy growing!