How to Turn off Instagram's Very Creepy New Feature | 22 Words

You don't need to watch Black Mirror  to know that the internet is creepy. We're always being watched and downloaded and tracked. It's as much a part of our life as eating and sleeping. But it still seems that apps and the internet can take us by surprise.

For instance...Instagram has started rolling out a new "activity" feature that lets people know the last time you were on the app. In other words, OUR CREEPING IS EXPOSED TO EVERYONE.

You might not even be aware that this feature started happening.

But, if you look in your Instagram direct messages, you'll see "Active __ minutes ago." Great! Now everybody knows when we're up scrolling through our ex's page!

Yeah, we're not thrilled about it.

And neither is most of the internet! Thank the good lord above for Twitter and how we can band together, fighting back against the man!

You see, a lot of people are not happy.

And when a lot of people aren't happy, they take to the social media platforms still on their good side and they give us answers. Like how to turn off this awful activity feature. Seriously, nobody needs to know when we're on Instagram or not.

But rejoice! It's really easy to turn off the feature.

So easy, in fact, you'll be wondering why it even exists. Seriously. Why?

In order to turn off the feature, all you have to do is go to your settings, scroll down to the "show activity status" and toggle it off.

WAH-LAHHHH! It's done! It's over! back to creeping on your frenemies! But why the feature?

Well, probably because Facebook has had the same thing for awhile.

Remember how angry we all were when Facebook messages started notifying everyone when we were on? Instagram just had to join in on the fun!

Okay, but here's the good news.

If you choose to leave the activity feature on for Instagram, it won't be visible to everyone. Nope! We can hear the collective sigh of relief a mile through the interwebs.

Your activity will only be visible to people who you direct message and follow.

So there's some privacy for you! Even if your account is public, don't worry. If someone who doesn't follow you sends a message, they can't see your activity.


And people on the internet are not happy. Hey, at least we can all band together and whine about it on Twitter!

At least it's a super easy feature to turn off.

Relax. You can totally continue your creeping at all hours of the night. Go forth and Instagram away!