Howard Stern Under Fire for Use of Blackface and N-Word in Resurfaced Clips | 22 Words

Infamous radio host Howard Stern has come under fire this week after several clips of him in blackface and using the N-word have been unearthed.

Keep scrolling for the shocking clips in question...

Howard Stern is no stranger to controversy.

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The American radio show host is known for his broadcasts and commentary that often draw in heavy criticism.

Stern was introduced to radio by his father, who was a sound engineer.

He quickly immersed himself in the outlet, producing his own show on a tape recorder.

As a student at Boston University, he worked at the school’s radio station.

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The star landed various small on-the-air jobs after graduating, but it was when he landed in Washington, D.C., and teamed with Robin Quivers where things began to change.

The pair went on to gain some success in the industry.

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Although, in 1982, the duo was fired following a dispute with station management. Of course, it wasn't long before they got scouted once more and signed onto WNBC-AM in New York City.

In 1985 The Howard Stern Show began airing on New York City’s WXRK-FM.

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Stern quickly became known for his outrageous commentary - which was often slammed for being racist and misogynistic.

It wasn't long before he attracted the attention of the Federal Communications Commission.

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And by the late '90s had levied more than $2 million worth of fines against the program because of its heavily criticized content.

Several groups called for a boycott of Stern's show.

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Stern refused, however, to change his act in the name of the First Amendment.

In fact, he decided to take action on the constant critisism.

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The constant scrutiny of his material led him to sign a 5-year, $500 million deal with Sirius Satellite Radio in 2004, a station that was not subject to FCC regulations regarding language and content.

There's no doubt his show is immensely successful.

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And a plethora of big-name celebs have been interviewed by him over the years.

But, amid the Black Lives Matter protests...

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Like with many other celebrities (read all about the Jimmy Fallon controversy at the end), clips have been unearthed showing Stern in blackface and using the N-word. Keep scrolling to watch for yourself...

The clips of Stern were from past sketches...

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The Sirius XM host can be seen wearing blackface in 4 separate examples, with 2 of them showing him using the racially offensive N-word.

In one skit, Stern imitates Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas...

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During the disgusting footage, he wears a prosthetic nose, prosthetic lips, and an Afro wig while being interviewed by Robin Quivers.

Blackface continues to be a topic of debate...

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For those of you that still don’t seem to understand why black/brown face is so offensive, firstly, sort yourselves out. Secondly, we’ve got the facts here for you. This is not up for debate.

Throughout history, white people would paint their faces black in order to degrade black people.

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It happened in all sorts of places. From comedy shows to Halloween costumes. They would compare them to monkeys while simultaneously acting in a humiliating manner to depict black people as uncivilized. Utterly disgusting.

It's extremely offensive.

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And is deep-rooted in centuries of racism.

Twitter well and truly exploded with people slamming the radio host for the re-surfaced clips.

And many called the star a hypocrite, after he said Trump supporters were all "racist."

"Clear for the world to see, Howard Stern is a racist."

"howard stern is a racist a**hole," wrote another outraged user.

Others called for him to be held accountable for his actions.

And to be fired immediately.

There is no excuse for his behavior.

And people on Twitter were blown away that he has gotten away with it for so long.

Stern's use of blackface happened on several occasions.

And with regards to his use of the N-word, well, he tried to deny he'd ever used it.

But this Twitter user came with receipts.

The user reposted a YouTube video of Stern from a 1993 New Year's Eve show in blackface alongside a 2019 clip of him on "The View" where he can be seen arguing with host Sunny Hostin, who said she was offended by his past use of the N-word. "I didn't use the N-word, let's be very clear," Stern says, before the video cuts to him on the New Year's Eve sketch with intermittent clips of him using the N-word on his radio program several times.

And here's another of the blackface clips in question.

Disgusting. Stern is far from the only celebrity to be called out for blackface. Keep scrolling to see the clip of Jimmy Fallon in blackface and how he has responded to the backlash...