Huge Bird Carrying ‘Shark’ Over Beach Has People Thinking Something Like ‘Sharknado’ is Starting

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A video caught of a huge bird carrying a shark over a beach has had people completely freaking out.

Keep scrolling to see the horrifying video…

And some recent terrifying footage certainly proves this.

And these magnificent creatures aren’t ones to be messed with.

It is 2020, after all!

And just wait until you see what happened recently to an unfortunate shark.

It originally came from the Twitter page, @trackingsharks, and it is believed to have been filmed at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

And it has something firmly gripped between its talons.

And that object in its talons? A shark.

And we can only imagine the feast that the bird indulged in later on that day.

Like 2020 couldn’t get any worse!

People began freaking out.

Just to clarify… it won’t.

The movie centers around a deadly hurricane containing hundreds of killer sharks that takes over and destroys Los Angeles. IMDB rated it a shocking 3.3/10, so we are firm in saying there’s no possible way that this can be replicated in real life.

Just what we need!

Well, we most certainly didn’t.

Can you imagine anything more terrifying?

It’s clear that many people need a shark dropping on their heads for not social distancing on beaches!

And it seems it was interrupted mid snack!! You really can’t make these things up.


Is to not mess with birds of prey.

And prepare to be as horrified as we are right now.

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