Shocking footage has emerged of a monstrous fire which broke out in the Atlantic Ocean just off the Gulf of Mexico.

No injuries have been reported from the blaze at the time of writing.

The fire itself began close to an oil rig owned by Mexico's state-owned oil company Pemex.

Terrifying videos and images shared to social media from the scene show the fire burning at the surface of the ocean. The fire is ferocious. Blowing with the tide and the wind like a gateway to hell. Boats can be seen spraying the fire with water to no avail. The horrifying images have 'spread like wildfire' (sorry) across social media, with many dubbing the blaze the 'eye of fire' as a result of the unusual shape of the inferno.

In total it took firefighters five hours of endless work to finally put the fire out. Now the blaze has been completely extinguished.

Pemex, the controversial company who own the pipeline, claim they have turned the pipeline off. The pipeline itself is part of the company's flagship Ku Maloob Zaap oil development.

The development was understood to be producing roughly 726,000 barrels of oil per day when the fire broke out. Mexico's oil safety regulator stated in a tweet that oil had been spilled into the ocean during the leak. However, he was unable to confirm what was burning on the surface of the water - leading many to doubt his claim and with probable reason.

'Electrical storms and heavy rains' were the cause of the burst, according to the incident report.

Many are using the incident as reason to criticise the use of fossil fuels.

One person wrote:

"This is the ocean burning due to another ruptured pipeline. I have an idea... let's end the fossil fuel industry."

Another said:

"I know this might sound controversial, but maybe extracting fossil fuels from the seafloor (or anywhere really) is a bad idea."

A third wrote:

"This is why we need to focus on #sustainableenergy instead of dirty #fossilfuel but people like the #KochBrothers are profiting and they really don't care that they are destroying the planet."

Greta Thunberg too tweeted about the leak, writing:

"Meanwhile the people in power call themselves "climate leaders" as they open up new oilfields, pipelines and coal power plants – granting new oil licenses exploring future oil drilling sites.'

"This is the world they are leaving for us."

Whatever your opinion, it certainly seems like a rational decision to move towards sustainable energy in the very near future.