Huge Rockslide in Brazil Kills at Least 10 Boaters

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A canyon in Brazil has collapsed, tragically crushing several boaters, with many still unaccounted for…

This horrifying incident was captured by a tourist on one of the boats that managed to flee the area…

Scroll on for the full story, and to watch the video for yourself.

The tragedy occured as the side of the rock face came away, falling directly onto at least 2 boats beneath it…

The video has been shared repeatedly on social media, and people are in shock over the news…

  via Facebook  

  via Facebook  

The boats were touring on Furnas Lake in Minas Gerais when the collapse occured.

Boaters could be seen filming the area and relaxing before debris began to crumble, followed by the cliff face tumbling down.

Boats could be seen speeding away from the site, with many bumping into each other in panic.

So far, 10 people are believed to have lost their lives, though were also reports that twenty others were missing.

Thankfully, most of those missing people have now been found, with the total number missing significantly lower.

Many have been treated at a local hospital with broken bones, and one person is in critical condition with severe head injuries.

Twenty-three others have been treated with minor injuries.

In one video shared to Twitter, people can be seen looking quizically at the rock face as small areas begin to crumble…

And according to, passengers from other boats tried to warn surrounding vessels before the canyon collapsed.

The Governor of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema, tweeted: “Today we are suffering the pain of a tragedy in our state, due to heavy rains, which caused the loosening of a wall of stones in Lake Furnas, in Capitólio. 

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“The Government of Minas is present from the beginning through the Civil Defense and Fire Department.”

He continued: “Rescue work is still ongoing.”

Adding: “I stand in solidarity with families at this difficult time. We will continue to act to provide the necessary support.”

Our thoughts go out to all those involved in the accident.