Do you absolutely love winter? Or maybe you absolutely hate it? Either way, we all need to stay warm—and there are a ton of fun ways to do it! 

We’ve all heard of the timeless hot water bottle trick. Now, a new kind of hot water bottle is making its way onto the market in a truly huge way.

Look out—winter weather is fast approaching!

Do you have a plan in place for staying warm this winter?

Plenty of people enjoy a hot water bottle.

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Not only do they keep you warm, but they’re also great for relieving aches and pains if you have them!

There’s only one problem.

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A hot water bottle is usually small—you can’t completely warm up with it. Or can you?

The online brand, Potwells, is now selling a HUGE hot water bottle.

At nearly two and a half feet long, it’s three times the size of a standard hot water bottle! That means plenty of warmth for us.

Bonus: they’re styled like fuzzy animals and super cute!

Pictured here you can see two of the styles: Ursula the Unicorn and Zavi the Zebra!

Young at heart.

Everyone needs something warm and cuddly on occasion, no matter your age.

Here’s that hot water bottle’s third and final style:

Its name is Dustin the Dinosaur, and it is also extremely cute.

Warmth for hours.

These elongated cuties should keep you warm for six to eight hours!

Your whole body will be warm.

There's no more moving the hot water bottle around on a chilly day. Snuggle up with the bottle, and you’ll feel the heat!

Just heat water, pour it in the bottle and snuggle.

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With winter days on the way, we’ll all need something warm. Next, see some other trendy ideas for staying heated during the wintery weather.

Tired of your ears freezing?

Check these out: they’re earbags! They’re basically hats for your ears, and they’re much more convenient than earmuffs! 

Earbags will fit right around your ears.

Lined with fleece, they’re super warm. And with no band (like traditional muffs), they’re easily stored in your pocket, and they won’t give you a headache.

Who doesn’t love a holiday sweater?

The kitschy designs are part of the fun! You can't go wrong with a heavy, warm sweater that’s also fun to look at.

During the winter, a good pair of gloves is mandatory.

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Gloves keep your digits warm, and they’re less restrictive than mittens. But what’s the one thing regular gloves can’t do?

Let’s be honest: we all wish we could use our phones through gloves.

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Everyone has that moment where you try to unlock your phone, frustrated, before realizing that it won’t respond because you’re wearing gloves.

Here’s a solution:

Touchscreen gloves! If you’re someone who uses your phone on the go (and most of us do), then a pair of gloves that keep you connected to your phone might be a worthwhile investment!

Touchscreen gloves contain silver-coated, conductive fiber.

That fiber also keeps heat trapped inside the glove for warmth, while allowing you to use your phone as needed. Handy!

Keep the cold out of your house.

You might have to double up your drapes. Blackout curtains are thicker, and they’ll insulate your house from the chill outside!

Bubble wrap works wonders.

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It may sound strange, but covering your window panes in bubble wrap is a thrifty way to keep your house warm and your windows insulated.

Cold toes are the worst feeling.

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Doesn’t it seem like you can get the whole rest of your body warm in the winter, but somehow, your feet are still freezing? Well, there are ways around that.

Here’s an easy way to warm up any shoe:

Natural sheepskin insoles will keep your feet warm, no matter what shoes you’re wearing. There’s also shock-absorbing foam built in. Your feet essentially have their own little pillows for the entire winter.

While we’re talking about shoes...

Here are some shoes you should and should NOT wear in the slush and snow.

Get shoes that are waterproof.

Winter is always a good excuse to buy fashionable boots, but make sure at least one of those pairs can deflect the salt and slush that coats the roads.

Thick socks can be cute socks.

Another foot-warming must-have: thick (possibly fuzzy) socks. They will keep the feet warm and dry at all costs!

Pets deserve to be warm, too!

And now they can be. Did you know there are heated pet beds out there? The beds come with a preset thermostat to keep kitties and small dogs warm!

Do you know the "fill power" of your blankets?

If you want to make sure your blankets are prime material to snuggle under, check their fill power. The term refers to a blanket’s insulating power—you’ll want a number between 550 and 800 for winter temperatures.

When in doubt, go for these fabrics:

Wool and cashmere are ideal fabrics for keeping in heat; the fibers in both fabrics create small air pockets which retain heat.

Even a bit of wool is better than none.

When faced with a blanket containing a percentage of wool, versus something synthetic, go for the wool. It’ll still keep more heat!

You can get a ton of stuff made from wool and cashmere.

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Blankets, sweaters, socks, pillows are the best. If you need new household items or winter clothes, keep your eyes out for anything that will keep you the warmest.

Ready for winter?

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