Actor Hugh Sheridan Comes Out as ‘Non-Binary Bisexual Human’

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Australian actor Hugh Sheridan has come out as a “non-binary bisexual human.”

Sheridan announced the news on Instagram while sharing their appearance on the cover of DNA Magazine.

“But… given that’s it IS #pridemonth & I am beyond honored to share the most coveted DNA cover of 2021 with the greatest lover/HUMAN of all time…” Sheridan wrote.

“FYI; I AM still a human (non binary/bi/me/Hughman) but I’m in a monogamous relationship with another human, who I love.

“I don’t accept a label cause it limits me… if you want it; take it. I chose zero labels for no other reason except the exclusion, limitations, separation, I believe are all one, deeeeep down and… who knows? Why chose?!! Be you. Be true. Be free: to BE, to JUST BE… you, a human, same as me.”

Sheridan appears on DNA’s cover with their fiancé, Kurt Roberts. Sheridan and Roberts got engaged earlier this year when Sheridan proposed during their performance at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Speaking to DNA, Sheridan described the proposal as an “amazing moment.”

“I went out and bought a ring and flew his family to be seated in the audience on the night. He had no idea. It was a really amazing moment,” they said.

Sheridan also explained to DNA that they were now comfortable with being labeled as “gay.”

“Now I’m marrying a guy you can call me gay. Whatever! The point is, we’re all human and, in my case, labeling put me into a box that felt like a cell,” he said.

In an interview with Stellar Magazine last year, Sheridan revealed they felt “misplaced” throughout their school years as their peers assumed they were gay.

“After moving to Sydney to attend NIDA, I finally met a guy who I connected with emotionally, mentally, and physically,” Sheridan explained.

“I was over the moon – I could finally be what people always wanted me to be, so I told everyone.”

Sheridan also revealed to Stellar Magazine that they were told to hide their sexuality in order to make it as an actor.

“I was told that if I was anything but straight I’d never find work and that I needed to hide my newfound love,” they said.

“To add to the confusion, the two mentors who told me this were openly gay themselves; they were earnestly trying to protect me and did indeed have my best interests at heart. That was just the reality.”

Congratulations to both Sheridan and Roberts on their engagement!