Hundreds of Cruise Ship Passengers Set to Be Quarantined With Quokkas

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Quokkas might just be the single cutest animal on the planet. No matter what angle these little guys are snapped, they always seem to be smiling, and what better animal to be around while all hell breaks loose around us.

Hundreds of passengers have been placed in quarantine, while dread and confusion looms over them, there is one thing keeping them all going.

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They’re native to Rottnest Island, meaning they’re pretty rare and unusual creatures.

They’re related to the kangaroo, which kind of makes sense when you look at their feet.

And locals on the island say they’re strangely sociable, too.

And they scavenge food from trash cans, just like racoons.

Quokkas have almost no fear of humans, which makes for some seriously cute pictures.

It has to be the incredible smiley faces these cuties have, which has lifted the spirits of over eight-hundred stranded cruise ship passengers. Keep scrolling to find out how…

Whether or not they’re actually smiling.

It sure looks like they are – which is good enough for us.

No trip to Rottnest Island would be complete without meeting a quokka, which is at least one positive for those stranded on the island. Keep scrolling to find out more…

Which is largely thanks to the fact they look so sweet!

They actually have rather long, sharp claws, so it makes sense to stay away.

Quokkas have the sweetest little faces.

These animals are just so ridiculously photogenic.

And that’s exactly what’s going to happen to eight-hundred passengers placed in quarantine on Australia’s famous island.

The Australian holidaymakers were initially supposed to arrive in Perth today, but officials have banned cruise ships from docking.

Specifically, after the Ruby Princess docked, unloading 2,700 passengers, of which, more than 130 tested positive for coronavirus.

Both the Magnifica and Artana reported unwell passengers on board their ships. But the Ruby Princess is said to be the biggest single source of COVID-19 infections in Australia.

Sadly, one of the passengers aboard the ship died in hospital on Tuesday. More than 2,400 cases have now been confirmed in Australia. If you are currently self-isolating or practicing social distancing, take a look at these top tips to keep motivated while working from home…