There's no doubt about it - everybody loves McDonald's. That's why their tagline is 'I'm loving it!'

And if there's one time that McDonald's is possibly the greatest ever it's when you're hungover.

But while most would settle for a large meal with a side order of chicken nuggets - this woman's order was way more extravagant. Kind of.

So much so that Instagram has been left in absolute hysterics after checking it out.

Keep scrolling to check it out.

We're always lovin' it.

McDonald's is the original fast food love for so many people. The options are endless and since they are basically on every street corner in every city, it's hard to avoid their presence.

I would do just about anything for their fries.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks their fries are the absolute best. That's what always keeps me coming back to the golden arch.

McDonald's cravings can hit you at any moment.

It's not like we eat it all the time, but sometimes, it just sounds like heaven. The best part is you never have to go too far to get your cravings satisfied. But when you're hungover it's possibly better than ever.

McDonald's is not afraid to take some risks.

Of course, there are the menu classics that will never leave, like the McNuggets and the Big Mac, but every now and then, they love to mix it up.

Like their Shamrock Shake.

Every spring, McDonald's rolls out their mint shakes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the people go crazy for it. Who would have thought that a bright green milkshake would have people drooling?

Which is back by the way!

If you dig the green shake, McDonald's is happy to share that it's back and can be found at participating restaurants. You can even download an app to find one near you!

How could we forget the infamous McRib?

People go wild for the McRib because it's appearance is always sporadic and long awaited. Not every McDonald's serves this specialty so people will travel far and wide to get their hands on a McRib.

Did you know they have cheesy bacon fries?

It was a pretty big deal and the internet was going crazy for them. The announcement definitely brought some more hungry visitors back to the golden arch to try something new.

And then they decided to spice up their breakfast menu.

McDonald's noticed that their breakfast attendance had been slacking so they decided to shake it up a bit.

Breakfast was getting ghosted.

Considering almost every new item they've rolled out has been lunch or dessert treats, they knew that the breakfast menu needed some sprucing up.

All day breakfast just wasn't enough.

McDonald's changed their breakfast menu availability so that customers could order breakfast all day, but that still wasn't enough for sales to stay up.

All they needed was a little bit of sugar.

The golden arch teams put their heads together to come up with a genius idea to give the breakfast menu the sweetness it had been missing.

Introducing Donut Sticks!

You heard me! Donut sticks! McDonald's just stepped their game up and I am all for it.

We couldn't believe it either.

Shook is an understatement.

So I guess we've established that almost every item on the McDonald's menu is pretty god damn great.

And when do they taste the best? After a heavy night out the day before when you're desperate for something tasty to whet your palate.

But this woman's order is driving Instagram wild.

So what are you thinking? She spent a fortune on double cheese burgers? A double big mac? A million chicken nuggets? No. Keep guessing.

So what was it then?

Well, you're thinking along the wrong lines. Her order was, to put it bluntly, ridiculous.

She ordered a burger but decided to make some huge amendments.

The woman, called Kate, from Toronto, ordered a burger without any mustard... or onions... or pickles... or a bun... or a patty.

In fact what she actually paid for...

Was literally just two sachets of ketchup.

Kate's spouse shared her receipt online.

He captioned it:
So we had a few drinks last night @katievandemark decides a McDonald's hamburger will cure her hangover. Now Katie is the type of person who will make modifications to a classic - 'no pickles, no onions' etc. So this is what she ordered 'no pickles, no onions, no mustard, no bun, no patty' ...they literally sent us 2 ketchup packets!!!! [sic]

And Instagram blew up.

One Instagram user wrote:
I've heard of 'having it your way,' but you at least have to have it. [sic].

Another said:

This is my favorite thing ever. I am still laughing. Omg. [sic]

I won't be ordering this any time soon.

I wonder did they charge her full price for the order? I hope she enjoyed her sachets of ketchup anyhow.