Hurley From 'Lost' Seen for the First Time in Years | 22 Words

Everyone's favorite character from Lost is looking mighty different after years out of the spotlight...

We all remember Lost, right?

The smash hit show ran between 2004 and 2010 and took over the world for a period.

It's still thought of as one of the greatest TV shows ever.

Although, of course, some fans just couldn't get on board with that ending.

It centered around an ensemble cast.

The myriad characters were all marooned on a deserted island following a plane crash.

There were some huge stars among them.

Including big names like Evangeline Lilly and Ian Somerhalder.

But there's one star who's much more of a mystery.

Jorge Garcia, of course!

He was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1973.


He has a Cuban mom and a Chilean dad.

The star began wrestling in high school but soon became more keen on pursuing acting.


Beginning his career in the prestigious world of TV commercials.

But his big break came in the form of Lost.


​He played Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, offering some much-needed comic relief in the show's early seasons.

​As the series progressed, we learned lots more about Hurley and he became a central character to the show.


In fact, for many, he was the show's unlikely hero.

But since Lost ended, we haven't seen so much of Jorge.

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But recently, he's been spotted - and everyone is saying the same thing.

​He's had a few different roles since ​Lost.


He starred in Alcatraz and even appeared in an episode of How I Met Your Mother.

But by far his biggest role since 2010 was in Hawaii 5-0.


He was a guest star recurring in several episodes in season 4.

Jorge was so popular on the series he became a regular.


Working on the show until its final episode at the end of 2019.

​But since then, things have been suspiciously quiet for the star.


In fact, he hasn't been seen in public at all since then - for almost 2 years.

But he's been spotted today!


He's out and about in London, UK - and he looks totally different.