Husband and Wife Come Out as Gay After Keeping Sexuality Secret for 30 Years

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A couple from Illinois have both come out as gay after thirty years of keeping their sexuality a secret…

Brad and Cyndi Marler have decided that they are through with pretending…

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After hiding behind their marriage and children for thirty years due to growing up in strict religious families, the husband and wife duo have now decided to come out to the world.

The pair initially tied the knot all the way back in the late 80s, but within a few years, revealed their big secret to each other.

However, rather than getting a divorce, the couple stayed together and later went on to have 2 children in order to avoid the complications of being shunned by their families as well as the communities of their small towns.

“We always said it was us against the world,” Brad said.

“Being homosexual, you’re just going to go straight to Hell. There’s no 2 ways to it,” Cyndi added. “We wanted the house, the dog, the 2 kids – and we did all of that. We made a decision to make it work. This was what we were going to do.”

The pair recently celebrated thirty-two years of marriage together in September but things have changed a lot for them upon reaching this huge milestone.

Now in their fifties, they’re planning on living more open and authentic lives in the city of Chicago.

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This comes after Brad fell into a deep depression, battling his internalized homophobia and this is what prompted the couple to start going to therapy.

“For such a long time, I hated that part of me… I didn’t understand why what I had with Cyndi wasn’t enough,” he said.

But there were other reasons as to why the couple have now decided to come out to the world.

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Firstly, their parents passed away, so the pressure to be the perfect “all-American” family went with them. Not only that, but their daughter also came out as a lesbian and the “overwhelming need to protect [her]” kicked in.

Now, after living together for years, the couple sold their house and moved into separate apartments in order to better explore their true selves. At the moment they have no plans to divorce, and describe themselves as “best friends.”

We’re so proud of you both! Keep living your best lives!