Husband Builds 7 Ft Advent Calendar For Wife With Amazing Surprise Behind Each Door

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Finding the perfect Christmas present for a loved one, can be a difficult and tiring job.

Especially when they themselves are so good at giving sincere and unique gifts. But sometimes you get a sudden surge of inspiration and the perfect present comes to you, just like that. Such was the case when number 1 husband, Benjamin Anthony Hewins, decided to make his wife the perfect Christmas gift.

Benjamin had been the receiver of amazing gifts for years

Over the years, Benjamin’s better half, Zyleen, had been known for giving him the most thoughtful and unique gifts imaginable. She had been doing this, ever since they first started dating.  

Zyleen had always had a creative flare with her gifts

Not only did she give the most amazing gifts, but Zyleen also often made her presents for her husband. Giving the gifts a unique and creative feel.

Which she utilised when thinking of presents for her loved ones

Benjamin once talked about his wife’s amazing flare for gift giving: ‘She is quite creative and is always making me cool things so I wanted to do something for her this year that was a bit quirky, creative, and original.’

She loved to surprise her husband every year for Christmas

Cool is right. One Christmas Zyleen even surprised Benjamin with a new present every day, she would leave them in his drawer to find. He described the experience as feeling like ‘a big kid.’

So Ben decided it was his time to go to the drawing board

So after years of thoughtful and creative presents, Ben decided it was his turn to provide something unique for his wonderful wife.

And the result was pretty magical!

After much thought and consideration, Benjamin had decided to make his wife a giant, 7-foot advent calendar.

But that wasn’t’ all

Ben made the calendar, so that every day of December his beloved wife would receive a new and exciting gift. Just like she had done for him before.

Every door opened up to something new

Each compartment held something new for Zyleen to open. Among the various gifts, she would receive new shoes, clothes and other thoughtful nic-nacs provided by her hubby.

How long did it take to build?

After thinking up the idea, Benjamin admitted that the project only took him two whole days to complete.  

No online help

After thinking up the concept, Benjamin searched the internet for help. But he found very little. Seems that giant advent calendars aren’t as popular as one might think.

Going in alone

So Benjamin started the project without any help, using only his initial idea and his love for his wife as his main inspiration.

And the hard work paid off

Benjamin even stated on Facebook that the project wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be. Saying that ‘It really wasn’t difficult—just a bit of imagination, a few tools, and loads of green tea.’

Benjamin the Builder

Safe to say that all his hard work produced something amazing. Benjamin you are a DIY master.

Benjamin would even build the calendar in the freezing cold

And his love for Zyleen is clear, because Benjamin would work on the calendar in the freezing cold winter weather, never letting the frost ruin his construction.

The right materials

Benjamin made the calendar from wood, and again only used his imagination as his influence in the design.

Benjamin wasn’t even a skilled carpenter, but that didn’t stop him

Benjamin, who is a gas engineer by day, was not even a skilled carpenter. But he didn’t let that set him or the project back.  

Benjamin was even open about his lack of experience

Benjamin even stated that ‘I’m no carpenter at all, however I know how to cut wood and screw some screws, I just started and kept going.’ And boy did he keep going!    

The finishing touches

He then filled each compartment with a thoughtful gift for the woman he loves. Hoping she would appreciate everything that he had done for her.  

And when he was done, he made sure it was extra festive

After all the work, Benjamin even made sure the calendar looked as festive as possible, by painting some frolicking Christmas penguins on the front. How Cute!

And then it was ready to be revealed.

When it was finally finished, Benjamin revealed the gift to a blindfolded Zyleen, who had no idea what was waiting for her.

But did she like it?

Upon seeing the gift, Zyleen was both amazed and touched by the wonderful present. She couldn’t believe her eyes!

The gift was so amazing, Zyleen could not control her emotions

Zyleen was overwhelmed by all the hard work her husband had put in for her, and she got quite emotional. Even bursting into tears.  

Benjamin had only seen his wife cry like that once before

Zyleen’s tearful reaction actually shocked Ben, who had only seen his wife cry like that once before. As Benjamin remembered ‘The last time I got that reception was when we were dating and I wrote a poem for her, which I then got printed on a t-shirt. I presented it to her in our local Pizza Hut and she cried her eyes out and made all the other customers very uncomfortable.’

But can you really blame her?

Although Zyleen’s reaction may have been a tad melodramatic, I’m sure that none of us judge her. Receiving such a gift from your partner would make anyone cry.

But she hadn’t gotten to the best part

We can only imagine her further excitement and surprise at the concept of opening a new present for every day of December. The Christmas spirit is strong in this family.  

But what gifts did she find?

Within the calendar, Zyleen was treated to a new pair of shoes, her favourite chocolate snack, skincare products and even a mysterious envelope promising a family day out.

Zyleen will always remember this as the best gift Ben had ever given her

I’m sure that Zyleen will remember this gift until the end of time. Not only was it the perfect present for Christmas, but it was also a love letter from Ben to her.

And there love has continued, even through controversy

And you know a bond is strong when nothing anyone can do or say can break it. Ben is a practicing catholic and Zyleen is a practicing muslim, their family practices both religions. And when they first met their relationship was questioned by those around them. Yes, that hit me right in the feels!

But if anything says love, it’s a 7-foot, handmade advent calendar.

I’m sure anyone who questioned them now has egg on their face, as this couple has shown us that love can withstand any obstacle.  

A perfect Christmas love story

The couple now have two children and their relationship is stronger than ever. I think this story may just be the most festive romance story I have ever heard. Merry Christmas to Ben and Zyleen, I’m sure you’ll be celebrating it in your own creative way.