Woman Says Her Husband Hates Her Son and Has Told Her to ‘Get Rid’ of Him

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A woman has revealed that her husband hates her son and wants her to “get rid” of him.

Shocking, we know!

In a post shared on Reddit, a mom revealed that her husband “hates our son.”

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The woman began the now-deleted post by explaining that her husband “was a good father before our son was born.”

The couple had a daughter “3 years before we had our son” and her husband “really loved her and always took really good care of her and would always be very close to her.”

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But unfortunately, when their son was born, he didn’t “give the same father’s love to our son.”

On the day their son was born, the writer’s husband sadly lost his mom due to COVID-19.

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Then, a month later, her husband revealed that he had also lost his job a month prior to their child’s birth but he had hidden it from her and as a result, he saw their son as “bad luck.”

“My husband considers our son as bad luck for him because apparently, all bad things happened in his life since I was pregnant with the boy.”

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“He really loves our daughter, but seriously hates our son. He yells and shouts at our son when he cries, he hasn’t carried him even once, he literally screams at him and threatens to slap him whenever he makes a sound. He won’t even let our daughter play with him, and tells our daughter to stay away from him.”

For the past few months, her husband has claimed that he is “not his son and that he doesn’t want him” as he “only one child and he doesn’t want the other one.”

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He has even told his wife to give their son up for adoption or “somehow get rid of him” while claiming “he doesn’t care if he dies.”
“He recently told me that I have just a few more days to get rid of my son, or he would do it ‘his own way’.”

The woman explained that she loves her son and can’t “even think of keeping him away from me for a while, let alone getting rid of him.”

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When she came up with solution, her husband told her it wouldn’t do.
“I asked my husband if I could send our son to my parents’ place for a few days till he calms down and feels better, but apparently he won’t be satisfied with that, and he wants me to either give him up for adoption or get rid of him some other way.
“I’m fed up and don’t know what to do anymore. This is literally my worst nightmare come true.”

Well, it’s clear that the husband is in a terrible state of mind…

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And we sincerely hope the little boy will be kept out of harm’s way.